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Welcome to the Pro Golf Club Blog:  Which does include tips and instruction on every aspect of golf.  ( However it is a blog our web page is the bees knees and far more professional)  From Nov 1 2017 we will use the blog for up to-date reports on the world of golf, ) And to provide the best free tips and advice.  http://www.hightolow.co.uk

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Your coach will then evaluate the data and prepare a step by step program that will teach you to play great golf.  On the web page you can down load you copy of the:Hand Book Of Golf.  100 pages golf instruction and illustrations  ( Published copy sold over 10,000 copies)   http://www.hightolow.co.uk

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4 We have information on every aspect of golf:
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May we with respect suggest?
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Handicap 85 + Very carefully fine tune their game.
Most of our members will have read the Hand Book of Golf.
If you are new to Pro golf club, you can down load free – Hand Book of Golf
(Published copy has sold over 10,000 copies)
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Warm Regards

Ascharapan   – Just one of the Coaches at the High to Low Academy of Golf.

Golf Coach - High to Low Team

Golf Coach – High to Low Team

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Health / Wealth / and happiness.

Written by our senior golf coach, and sports mentor / motivator.

  1. One written to improve your life and provide you with the secret to Health / Wealth / and happiness.   
  2. The second written to provide you with the knowledge of how I have achieved longevity. 

They are both designed to be interactive and tailored to improve your life beyond your wildest dreams NO MATTER what your age.  It has worked for me and is still working for me at the age of eighty three.  Please do not worry you will not suddenly be presented with ORDER NOW the following advice is ALL FREE

You simply need to think: We who live in the America / Europe / UK are fortunate to live in an era of opportunity.  ( Please read on it will be the best advice you have ever had, because we refer to facts based on twenty five year olds, is because that is the way the surveys were carried out.

This report: Is designed to be interactive and tailored to improve your life beyond your wildest dreams NO MATTER what your age.  It has worked for me and is still working for me at the age of eighty-three.  

Yet statistics show that men aged twenty five:  Both academics and tradesmen firmly believed they would live life in the fast lane, and by the time they are sixty five they will successful healthy and wealthy.

 The facts are surprising:

  1. Just one will be wealthy,
  2. Fourteen upper middle class and financially independent,
  3. Ten will still be working,
  4. Seven will have died,
  5. Thirty two will be struggling on a small pension,
  6. Forty will be stone broke living below the bread line.

So what happen to these twenty five year old men with bright eyes and bushy tails , and their dreams of the success they truly believed they would achieve?

Define success:

 Progressive realization of a worthy ideal and a set of predetermined goals if a man is working towards these goals the chances are he or she will be a success, if NOT he or she will be a failure.  To work towards your ideals and dreams takes courage:

First you need to opt out of conformity. 

Stop acting like everyone else without knowing where you are going.

We asked a hundred guys and girls why you go to work every day.” To earn a living”

What is your career path 94% had no idea. They were conforming (That’s what everyone does)

We now have more academics than we have placements for: Thousands of graduates with law degrees, who complete seven years in university, only to find that they can NOT find a position in a law firm because they have NO experience. They are forced to work for these law firms for NO salary just to say they have some experience.   They are in debt with student loans.

Was the law degree what they wanted or what their parents wanted?   

We advocate get the best education you can, however it needs to form the basis of what you want to do. 

Everything we do in life is controlled by our mind.  With the correct mind set and realistic predetermined progressive step by step goals we can achieve, happiness, health, and wealth.      

Success is being in control of your life, above all being happy doing a job YOU decided you wanted to do.  (We have a close friend who was a doctor that a hospital in Bangkok, he took a brave decision the went to the USA and took the  course as a profession PGA golf coach, he teaches golf in Thailand and spends every day doing what he loves)

Some work hard all their lives and never get anywhere, living from week to week struggling for money to pay the bills. While others coast along with a smile on top of the world everything going their way. It is often said they have the touch of gold.  When someone is a success they more often than not continue to be successful. (The old saying money makes money is true)

If someone is failing they often spiral down and continue to fail time after time.  Why? They quite simply do not have set goals they have no idea where they are going.

Richard Branson had goals and continues to set his sights higher and higher with new goals even going in to space travel now that is living the dream.

The morale to that story if you have goals and the correct positive belief and mind set you will succeed.

If you decide to work with me as your mentor:  I promise you your life will never be the same again.  We are not just talking about wealth.  We are talking a life changing experience something far more important than material things.

  • We are talking about the ultimate goal longevity.
  • Thirty years of quality live – YES thirty year past normal life expectancy.  

How can I say that? Well what I can promise you is:  I will teach you all the things that have worked and are still working for me for me.  With the benefit of hindsight will high-light the many mistakes I have made in my life. 

Seventy nine now super fit and WILL be there for the special 100 year message from the Queen – she is still going well maybe she already knows my secrets.

(I will tell you more about that later)

 We should continue with this important recommendation for changing you current mind set.

If you follow what I am going to tell you your life will never be the same again.

This is not really a secret, Philosopher’s, Roman Emperors; wise men from all domination’s worldwide have known this this for hundreds of years.  That our mind controls everything we do.

We mere mortals have no comprehension of what our mind is capable of, we only ever use a small percentage of it incredible capacity.    

Right now you can start to change your life by altering your attitude of mind.

Example: If you think what you are reading is rubbish then that is negative thinking, if you are not prepare to change that to positive thinking then you will fail.

  1. If you can believe then all things are possible to those who believe develop and POSITIVE mind set.
  2. The person who has no goals, does not know where they are going will become nothing.
  3. Your mind accepts what you plant – plant success  and it will response and give you success
  4. What you think will happen: You must be positive NEVER negative.
  5. Your mind can do ANYTHING you assign it. Believe.  YOU CAN DO THIS. 

Set your goals – this is the things you desire most in life;

  1. Academic qualification’s –
  2. Play great golf
  3. Be amazing lover
  4. Be sports person and athlete, footballer  ( This does depend on natural talent)
  5. Be the best at what you do.
  6. Be happy – bring happiness to others.
  7. Be an artist, actor, or a comedian.

You will have your own dreams make those dreams your goals.

Please as your mentor even I have reached a point in life where I have to say with the realms of physical possibilities.

If you are young and super fit, maybe one of the lucky few born with natural talent then the sky the limit.

As you mentor you will note from earlier that I did muddle along for forty years with or any success or claim to fame.  These early years do form part of my vast experiences and will benefit you to learn from the benefit of my hind sight and the many mistakes I made. (I was a clown)

What is the Golden Rule?  We must be positive and control and use our minds.      

Learn to di this over the next four weeks and your life will change beyond all believe, you will start to life your dreams. Yes it has to be steady and progressive; you will achieve nothing without effort.

I cannot at this point pretend to know or understand your life or thinking.

But this is designed as an interactive course I will be there as your mentor every step of the way.

If the complexity of the problem is outside my expertise I would immediately hold my hand up a say this is something that needs to go to another level.

I promise I will use the full benefit of my expertise, hindsight, apply common sense and logic, as always I will be in your corner.

Objectives for the next four weeks

  • You must concentrate on your goal every day
  • Action ideas mean nothing without action
  • Each of us want something, that’s your goal
  • Write down your goal – best to start with a single goal
  • Develop a complete new mind set, only positive thoughts. 

 From today on you are going to do your job and work towards your goal as never before.

You are going to jump out of bed bright eyed and bushy tailed and be smiling and cheerful all day.

Above have you goal know where you are going what you are going to achieve and the wonderful benefits that will be your reward.

If you do decide to opt in NO Obligation if for any reason you thought this is not for me you can opt back out with just one click. 

Once you are a member we can communicate. 

We are members of the data protection act, we have a secure server. Your information is 100% secure and will never be seen or revealed to anyone.

You send me an e-mail: Keep it concise with details of:

Just outline, your present status, your goals, your dreams.  And together we will develop a plan.

It maybe that the aforementioned information will inspire you to set goals and to change your mind set, to full time positive attitude of mind. 

There will be a limited number of member’s that I can mentor at any given time, but if you would like my undivided support and motivation  as your personal mentor ,  we could agree how much time it would take.   E-mail me and as I said before I would give you an honest answer  as to what we could achieve working together.

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Longevity Easy

This is great advice, to keep in mind as we get older. 

This is great advice, to keep in mind as we get older.   Please take a few minutes to read this page could be a very special day in your life,  It is FREE and no it is not to good to be true.  It has worked for me. You can be super fit well into your eighties live to a 100+ . What is better than winning the lottery ? an extra 25 years of quality life:  I can not give you a winning lottery ticket, but can I give you the secrets to a long life.   

The bad news is time flies, the good news is you are the pilot. ( Take control)   The following quote is to outline the philosophy, mind set.  Read on for the answers on how to achieve longevity.     
Quote “Stephen Moss – The Guardian. If you think of yourself as old, you will be old. The media will bang on about dementia and loneliness but ignore them. Concentrate on the upside.Take yourself out of your comfort zone. Resist being pigeonholed; keep experimenting; challenge yourself and society’s stereotyping of you. Try to stay healthy. Eat well and take lots of exercises – it’s good for the brain and body. Exercise doesn’t have to mean playing competitive ice hockey; the odd brisk walk will keep you in shape. (For me it is: Playing golf, Motor Cross, High-speed cars, motor GP, SEX.)  Look for positive role models. 
 Seek to become the person you always wanted to be. One reason many people are at their happiest in their 60s is that they feel freer and less beholden to others. They contain all their previous selves and can start to make sense of them.
Don’t just maintain social connections with your own age group: mix across the generations as much as you can. Inter-generational contact has become increasingly difficult, but if we can do it we benefit – and social benefits.
Be willing to let stuff go. If that friendship isn’t working, drop it. Streamline your life. There is less time left, so make it count.
 Ageing should be a process of opening rather than closing doors. “We will lose some things – speed, stamina, a bit of mental agility – but in many other respects we gain, We learn new skills, have greater social awareness, are likely to be more altruistic, are “lighter” in our approach to life – because we are less hung up on creating a good impression – and can see the bigger picture. It may be that we are in a position to make a greater contribution to society in our sixties and seventies  than in our so-called prime.
Honesty is the best policy. Don’t try to pretend you are not 75 or 85 or whatever age you are. “As soon as we start lying about our age, we’re giving the number a terrible power – a power it doesn’t deserve, People do it because there are so many ageist assumptions attached to age, but the way to fight back is to subvert those assumptions.
Society tells us that sex, love and romance belong to the young, but it’s not true. Plenty of older people continue to experience the joy of sex. But there are no rules: have as much – or as little – as you want. Some older people see it as a blessed release to escape the shackles of falling in love (and lust), but others can’t imagine life without it. Whatever turns you on.
 Ignore people who say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. You can. Despite the common perception that creativity is the preserve of the young, we can get more creative as we get older. Our neural networks loosen up and we have the confidence and freedom to challenge group thinking. When time is running out, it becomes more precious. It gives life shape and, in some ways, meaning.” Don’t dwell morbidly on it, but don’t shy away from it either. The closer you get to it, the less you are likely to fear it and the greater your focus will be on the things that really matter.” End of quote. 
I personally believe that the quote above, is relevant to my life, I go to work because I actual enjoy work, (Project manager at Rolls Royce Bristol)   My track record is on Linkedin.   Traveled the world, working playing golf earning big money, life s good.  
Quotes that help mind set:    Our minds control every thing we do, always be positive, this gives confidence and believe.   
Your body can do almost anything it is your mind you need to convince.  
A negative mind will NEVER give you a positive life 
The bad news is time flies, the good news is you are the pilot.   ( Take control) 
A good laugh and a long sleep are the two best cures for anything. 
Experience is the hardest kind of teacher, it gives you the test first and the lessons afterwards.  (Ask me I can give you the answers first) 
No regrets in life just lessons learnt.       (You can learn from my experience)    
You will never change your life until you change some thing you do daily. The secret of your success is found in your daily routine.  
If you are offered an amazing opportunity and are not sure you an do it, say  yes then learn how to later. 
Secret to Longevity, vitality, life transformation. I truly believe there are key elements of my life which have had a major impact on my quality of life and longevity, I have written a comprehensive synopsis. You may conclude that it is good fortune or luck that at the age of 83: I am super fit, in perfect health, enjoy life to the full. 
For me, there was an element of luck, as your golf coach and mentor, I could share my life experiences.  Teach you how to play single handicap golf – go round in fewer shots than your age. ( Age 83 go round from the competition tees in 76 shots)       
Yes, I am the senior coach, both in age and experience. Ascharapan is the coach for the ladies and younger players. Also, I am the life coach, mentor.   They say you cannot put an old head on a young person, that is true. However, you can learn from a wise elderly person who has a worldwide wealth of experience.  Most top sports personalities have a coach – mentor – psychologist – motivator because to be a winner in sport or life you need the correct mindset and confidence.   I could be your mentor – there to advise on any subject – not just golf, everything you need to know for long and happy life.   Longevity an extra 20 years of quality life can be yours.  You can extend your life way beyond what most of us have accepted as our biological age limit, even up to 120 years. But the real question is, can we have not only have a long life but also a fulfilling one? My answer is a resounding yes, and it starts with the power of choice, a practice of self-reliance, and most importantly, a greater sense of purpose, self believe, logic and common sense.   There are the elite few who are born with talent. Sport, Music, Actors, those born to be academic – professors.   They do have a head start on us mere mortals. They have skill and talent we will never have. Born in 1936 lived in London (War, Air Raids, Father in the RAF, mother run away to Canada) I was evacuated to South Wales.   Started work at 15 Apprentice Electrician, worked my way through the ranks up to Vice President CNT Asia: I have worked all over the world, studied many cultures.80 years of experience many mistakes along the way, not good to learn the hard way. Two men changed my life, one a medical consultant in the UK and a Thai Monk in a Temple in Chiang-Mai pasted their wisdom on how to achieve a long and happy life. It has worked for me I am very happy and super fit. ( For my age)  Golf has been my lifelong passion. Success and happiness my goal: Did not truly achieve this until late in life. No one has a magic formula that can transform your life overnight, 
Life has qualified me to offer advice: (As a wise old man  – wisdom )Learn from my world wide experience,  You will have your very own life coach, mentor, guru, and friend.  

Before I can give an answer there, needs to be a question? Young or old ,male or female e-mail me with your questions, no grantee I will have all the answers however I promise to give an honest reply,  Everything in complete confidence. Wide spectrum.  Just a sample of questions you could ask.  Should I take a job offshore. Take a gap year -travel the world. Could I be a pro-golfer?  University or Apprentice   We are not all born to be academics,  what is the correct career path for you ?  How can I earn big money?   Work offshore – Expat – Tax free Salary   Get my own apartment.  Buy my own house.Prepare for an interview Ask for an increase in salary Get out of debt, have wealth and health.   Positive thinking, confidence, self believe, There are thousands of questions.   You ask the ones that are important to you. 
University degree , that is great,  however in the job market you need the edge on all the other graduates,  for example could you prepare a tender / quotation? An engineer with estimating skills – that gives you the advantage.   I can teach you how to prepare a tender,   teach you how to place sub contract orders, better buy, value engineering, procurement , on your CV this rates as experience.  At an interview it gives you confidence.    
Please note that the internet data protect act does not permit us to send e-mails without your prior permission. Please submit your first name and e-mail address on the membership for below.  No commitment and your can Opt out with just one click. 


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Lesson 25 All the top golf tips: To save you shots

Lesson 25 we feature top tips.


By popular demand we are, featuring tips on how to achieve more distance.

When you see the top players on TV driving 300 yards plus every time, and they are making it look easy, you wonder why your drives only go 200 yards.

Well there are key differences; first they have equipment which has been designed to match their swing, From the degree of their driver, the type of shaft, the grip, every detail is tested and they have the world best swing coaches, and are born with natural rhythm, they have the coordination required to keep every thing smooth and synchronized.  Timing, tempo, balance.

They have a swing coach, with state of the art equipment to monitor arc, plane, and speed of their swing. With 3D videos that record their swing from every conceivable angle

They are playing with golf balls that are designed for maximum distance.

And they are natural golfers born with hand and eye coordination, balance and timing.

The young guns are super fit athletes, one would think that was a major factor for those drives 300 yards plus, how-ever it can never be explained why older guys and smaller guys who look out of shape still hit the ball a long way.

It must be down to the right muscles working in perfect sync?

You can use this drill to build up power and technique develop power and club head speed

Take a basket ball outside and take up your normal stance aiming at an imaginary target, but instead of holding a golf club place you hands either side of the basket ball.

Although your hands grip the club differently the arms should hang down in the same way as when you hold the basket ball.

On the back-swing the elbows should stay the same distance apart as they are at address. This keeps the swing connected and forces the arms to rotate the correct amount to find the perfect swing plane.

At impact releasing and throwing the ball forward is not as easy as it may seem. It requires the same timing as releasing the golf club into the back of the ball.

Use this exercise and the added weight of the ball to build up your core strength for more power and club head speed.

Although this exercise is relatively easy to carry out it involves many individual parts of the swing and will train better swing mechanics. With the weight of the ball it will also build up your golfing muscles for more power and club head speed.

Quote from a member: “Long drives are the key to attacking golf? “

**Please do not introduce these tips directly into your game, take them to the range find out if they work for you.

We do not recommend attacking golf aggression in some sports can prove an advantage. To stay in control and in the zone is far more important; however we do agree there will be time when you need to play attacking golf- to WIN

We have 15 coaches in our team they have all had an input into : What they do to get that extra 30- 50 yards on their drive when they need a birdie or even a eagle. (When you really go for it there is always a risk of the ball flying out of bounds, however if it does work and you land 330 yards on target that feels great)

However we also when to the best: Eric Jones the Long Drive Champion of the World.

Free Distance Course by: Eric Jones the World Long Drive Champion
Eric has put together a 5-part training course focused on distance. It’s based on the same key swing concepts found in The 5 Keys to Distance, and uses a few of the same drills.
Try these drills FREE and you will hit the ball longer and more consistently if you are a average golfer with the full video training course you will drive up much longer and on target) When you add 50 yards + to your drives and more distance on all your long shots from the fairway, it will transform you complete game. You lower your handicap and start winning your club competitions and how good will it feel when you win the longest drive. With a world long drive champion prepared to share his secrets with you it will be a distinct possibility not just a dream.
Down-loaded your Free hand book of Golf? If not then please submit the form at the bottom of this page. You will then be a privileged member of the Pro-golf club and in your welcome message will receive two special links – one to Down Load your FREE Hand Book of Golf, plus the link that gives you access to something quite incredible the 5 keys to Distance : From the Long Drive Champion of the World

Tiger at his best, note the complete follow through, that is a full turn and using his body lie a coiled spring.

1 Start with more weight on the right side

When you plan to go all out with the driver, spread your feet even wider than normal. That gives you a firmer base to ensure you do not compromise your balance. A wider stance also helps you place most of your weight on your right side. One of the keys to distance is keeping the upper body to the right of the ball on the downswing, and a wider stance will help you do that.

Creating speed means getting the club-head moving faster–it does not mean swinging harder. Take the club back as far away from you as possible without swaying or losing your knee flex or weight distribution. If you can do that and match your arms with your body, you can swing as hard as you want. Creating width is fine, however DO Not CAST the club out, or you will have an out to in swing and that imparts spin on the ball resulting in a slice.


(Club head speed) Tour Professionals average 155mph

Feel that you are swinging slower, tests on the launch monitor clearly indicate that when Pro golfers shorten their back swing relax and do not let the swing get too long, just relax that is when they are driving at their best, and achieve more distance with out risking wild shots


Take it away low and smooth in line with the target.

The first thing you need to hit it farther is to turn the ball over–that is play a, draw it (inset). You also need to maintain a good rhythm, particularly the first foot or two away from the ball (left).Slow take away keep it low and in line as you are moving your club away from the ball, that sets the timing for the rest of your swing, and then your transition from backswing to downswing is going to be good. Even taking in to account you are going to take a good, hard swing, you have set the stage to maintain your tempo, timing, rhythm and balance.

From questions received and the information submitted from the coaches, these are the comments most heard: On driving ranges, tee boxes and fairways world wide. “I am coming over the top.” “I’m lifting my head” or “I’m swinging too fast.”

It seems strange to know exactly what you are doing wrong yet seem powerless to correct it? You can correct these problems, check the following.

Why are you coming over the top with your downswing?
You are taking your club away too flat or under the swing plane,

Keeping the majority of your weight on the left (forward) leg at the top of the back-swing
creating a narrow swing arc leaving the club-face open at the top

Flat Takeaway: Taking the club away too flat is the most common of the back-swing flaws. This problem has a knock on effect. The more a player is aware that he or she is over the top, the more he or she is likely to take the club away to the inside.

Learning to take the club back correctly on-plane begins with learning the proper set-up posture. DO NOT bend forward from the neck and shoulders you must bend from the hips.

When most players set up, you must hold the club out in front of you and bend from the hips, until your club is directly behind your ball. If you fail to tilt from the hips, your natural takeaway plane will be to the inside or too flat.
The proper posture begins by tilting from the hips while keeping the shoulders back and the chin up. This posture is the one that best allows you to take the club back properly, with the club-head lining up with the hands at the waist-high position and the shaft hinging skyward in line with the left forearm. These moves set the club on-plane and in front of the body and in perfect position to come back down on-plane or even slightly to the inside.

Another common fault: That results in an inside takeaway, is rotating the arms faster than the upper body. When this happens, the your arms get trapped behind the body, and the only way to get them back in front and strike the ball squarely is to come over the top. Your forearm rotation must match your shoulder rotation. When these two rotations are linked, the arms will remain in front of the body, effectively leaving room to bring the club down on-plane.

Reverse Pivot
Rates as the next most common problem that leads to an over-the-top. Transfer of weight, your weight must transfer from left to right as your upper body rotates. For example if your 75% of your weight is still on the left leg when you are reaching the top of your back swing, you will make a jerky transfer of weight onto your right leg just as you start your down swing. If you moving weight to your back leg to late E.G> At the beginning of your down-swing, you will lean back and the club will be centrifugally thrown out and over the top. Your weight must transfer from left to right during your back swing, and transfer from left to right on your down-swing, (YOU NEED =Perfect balance and transfer of weight)

What causes a reverse pivot? Lower-body sway, this is when the lower body slides away from the target on the back-swing, the upper body falls toward the target. The cure to ending the reverse weight shift is to learn to resist with the lower body and coil with the upper body. The lower body should be the foundation for the upper body during the back-swing. We stress the importance of maintaining pressure on the inside of your right leg by slightly forward-pressing your right knee toward the target as you take the club back. By doing this you will keep your hips from sliding and it also allows your right leg to accept the rearward transition of weight.

Narrow Arc;
The third most common reason for coming over the top is narrowing the swing arc.

This is when the club is to close to your head at the top of your back swing, not allowing sufficient room; you must leave room, for your down swing to return on the correct –plane. The typical reaction to this lack of swing room will be to throw the club out and over.

To prevent a narrow arc check the position of your right arm throughout the back-swing. A player with a narrow swing arc tends to fold the right arm too early or keep it unnaturally pinned to the right side all the way to the top. This pulls the club in too close to the body. You will then feel the need to free the club by throwing it way over the top and away from the body.

As you take the club to the top, focus on pressing your right palm against your left thumb (for right-handed golfers). Which creates pressure and effectively pushes the butt of the club farther away from the head while also straightening the left arm and leverage the golf club. If you can maintain that pressure to the completion of the back-swing, you will create all the room you’ll need to naturally pull the club down on-plane.

Open Face
The fourth most common reason why a player comes over the top is an open club-face. When the club face is left open at the top of the back swing, the natural reaction is to swing to the left (over the top) to get the club face square at impact.

An open club-face at the top can often be traced back to a weak grip at address. “Weak,” as it is used here, refers to the actual strength of your grip, not the positioning of your hands on the handle. If you grip the club with your palms, you have a weak grip, and the club will tend to fan open in the takeaway. Check our previous lessons we show you the correct grip. We show how the club runs more through the fingers. The left thumb pad sits more on top of the grip, while the lifeline of the right palm sits on top of the left thumb. This grip will allow you to set the shaft on-plane in the takeaway, set your wrists properly and keep the club-face from turning to open. We appreciate that to understand all these instructions (In text can prove difficult)

We are planning to go visual with all the lessons and they will be in videos and on DVD in the next three months.

We have in previous lessons stressed the need for a solid base a good stance.

These are tips: Sent in by members:

A firm grip with the last three fingers of the left hand. where no slipping takes place, firms up the left arm at the top of the back-swing, which leads to constant perfect width during the swing.

Tee the ball up high when hitting into a wind. The latest drivers always have the sweet spot high up on the face. If you tee the ball too low when hitting into the wind the ball will come off the bottom of the sweet spot with far too much backspin and will limit distance.

Most golfers start down too quickly from the top and swing to the rhythm ‘one- two’. Change to (Tee it high let it fly) to give yourself time at the top. Jack Nicklaus always maintained he played his best golf when he started the down swing slowly and smoothly

Practice Back Swing Exercise

Take up your address position ready to hit an imaginary ball, and then before you swing, bend down and put a ball directly behind the club head rather than in front where the ball should be.

Take up your stance again, make sure you know where you are aiming, then swing back to the top of the back swing. As you do so the ball will be sent rolling away.

To understand whether you are taking the club back on a good path, all you have to do is watch where the ball has rolled.

On a good swing the ball will have been rolled away slightly behind you, reflecting a swing path that sweeps back on the inside. If however, the ball rolls either straight back or worse, away from you, you know you have taken the club back too straight or outside the line.

If you can do this on a few practice swings it gives a very strong feeling of what to do when you hit a shot. Sweep the ball away behind you for the best results.

It is impossible to cheat this exercise, so you can practice this drill confident it will only improve your back swing.

All too often golfers leave the range having worked hard to improve but have actually got worse. These two drills are guaranteed to make you swing better and improve your golf shots. Carry out these golf exercises to improve the path of your back swing and your body balance.

Practice Body Balance Drill:

Good balance in the golf swing is essential. If you sway, or your head moves back and forward you never play a good shot.

Follow this simple drill to guarantee stability and good balance.

Take up your stance over a ball, then instead of making a swing, put your feet together, and actually get them to touch. Now make a gentle half swing and try to hit your ball forward 50 yards .At first you may well over balance and miss the ball completely, but very shortly you will be able to make a full swing, hit the ball out of the middle of the club and keep your balance to the finish.

Another reason for losing distance is hitting behind the ball;

To stop hitting behind the ball a you must transfer weight onto the left foot by the time impact occurs. This weight shift moves the arc of the swing forward sufficiently to guarantee hitting down onto the ball.

The first thing a you should do when investigating why you are hitting shots fat is to ensure that your weight ends up on the left foot in the finish position.

Hit a series of shots and after each one see if it is possible to pick the right foot off the ground as you watch the ball fly to the target.

If you can lift the right foot off the ground, without falling over, it means your weight has been transferred correctly and you should be hitting down directly onto the ball.

If you are still hitting the ground behind the ball try setting up with the ball a little further back in your stance.

Short game:

We have all experienced hitting a fat shot to the green. Sometimes the ball just comes up short, but when hitting over water that is going to cost you shots

You then have to play the shot again and suddenly the mind starts to wonder if the hole will ever be completed.

Once you are standing over the shot with negative thoughts you are in trouble hitting either a fat shot or a thinned shot over the green.

If you are transferring weight on the left foot but still hitting the ball fat you must firm up your hand action through impact to stop flicking at the ball.

Start your set up with 70% of your weight on your left foot , trust the loft on the club hit down just a little before the ball, your divot should be under the ball.

The loft on your club will send the ball floating to the green.

We understand that most of the lessons are long and take time to read and from feed back, maybe to much to take on board in one lesson.

We were doing out best to work within the six months ( 26 lessons) so maybe we have tried to not included to much detail.

So may we respectfully suggest that you read the lessons, then decided in which order of priority: E.G. Which tips /; instruction will benefit your game the most.

If you do need clarification then please do not hesitate to contact your coach.

We mentioned earlier that we will cover the full course (visual) with video and DVD as soon as we have time.  -in the next few weeks

Please follow us on twitter we will post tips and news, if you can please re-tweet to your friends and followers. We do provide a unique free service, with no obligation.  They can down the Hand Book of Golf – and 26 free lessons, plus have their own golf coach.

Just an idea, you can print your PDF version of Hand book of Golf and put in in a filo fax folder for easy reference

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Have Fun Play great golf

Hi to all our Members SORRY we have been away for so long- ( Things I had to do) Back now will make it up to you promise.

You know in school how they teach you NOT to copy: They call that CHEATING.

Well, in the real world of golf improvement ALL great golfers have “cheated” and copied what other great ball strikers have done.
Tiger Woods did that recently – and is getting his game back on track. Yes I know he lost to Phil, in the head to head, clearly money is not that important to him ?

Every great ball striker has done that.
As a professional golfer I have over the years developed a swing that works for me,
(Young Guns are flexible full turn is easy) they spend hours in the gym every day. Where as we mere mortals need a swing that suits us. When you stand over a shot you need confidence in your swing – positive mind set.
Amateur has no clear idea. They try one thing after another trying to find the magic overnight transformation that will make them great players.
“A pro never does that”.
They have their swing that they can repeat every time, we do try small changes on a practise round. never in competition.

We for many years as PGA instructors we always teach traditional golf – Basics – Fundamentals.
Free Lessons: One on One- Tailored for YOU – based on your game. Your very own LPGA Coach Ascharapan@hightolow.co.uk
I will be your dream Christmas present – teach you to play great golf, and have fun.

Be ready:
Quote “Practice is the best instruction of all” Time to refresh your memory: Sequence of actions and check list. You can mitigate problems by reviewing you game prior to competitive play.


Check all the fundamentals:

Start with grip and stance, you could go to our web page ( Check all the Basics) has tips and illustrations on how to check every element of your game. We recommend you carry out your visual check in front of a large mirror. Then time to work on your swing: Do NOT swing hard only 80% of your power. The main elements of your swing must be balance and tempo, rhythm. Most of us in our minds eye believe we have the text book swing and that all our basics are correct, you watch your swing on video you may be surprised. It is important to revisit and check your: Grip, Stance, Posture, Address, Take away, Top of back swing, Follow through, and balance. Top pro golfers have experienced coaches who in a very tact-full way tell them when something is not quite right. We need to check. This can be with specialist 3D swing analyzers that some of the large golf stores have, or with the local Pro at your club.

However the simple visual checks that we can ALL make; some are best done in front of a large mirror.

Posture knees bent, hold the club out in front of you and bend forward from the hips the point at which the club come to rest is the position the ball should at address, which of course is different for each club. Your back should be straight. The key element on developing a consistent game is attention to details, for example ball position at address. With the driver it should be in line with your left heel, general rule is: the higher the number on the club the further back in your stance the ball, example with your five iron the ball is in the center of your stance.

We are now just talking you through the key elements of your game, to get your mind set right.

First run through your pre -shot routine: On the tee, select your target on the fairway, which will determine your club selection and where you place your tee, having selected your club will determine the height of your tee (Ball needs to be level with the sweet spot on club) Place the ball on the tee, step back and line the logo on the ball up with the spot you are aiming for, then visualize the shot in your mind, take a nice easy practice swing which needs to be the precisely the way that you intend to play the actual shot, with that swing in mind both tempo and balance step up to address, ball in line with your left foot, stance the width of your shoulders, correct grip V pointing to your right shoulder, knees flexed weight on the balls of your feet, bend fore from the waist your club should come to rest directly behind the ball ( 32” from your toes) Take the club back with your left arm pushing low smooth and slow as it pasts your right foot you should have start your upper body turn, make a full turn, KEEP the left arm straight, when the at the top of your back swing the club must not drop it now should be pointing towards the target, start to turn back with your right hip moving upper body and arms turning, pull down with the straight left arm (Left arm in control DO not allow the strength the your right arm to take over) But club head speed is NOT the answer. Left arm in control with perfect tempo then you will develop the perfect swing natural and smooth, and give you distance, trust your swing, be positive.

Club returns on the same path as your take away, KEEP your head down eyes firmly fixed on the back of the ball until it disappears, hit through the ball keep your arms fully extended right through impact concentrate on a low follow through in line with the target. With timing tempo perfect balance your weight should have transferred from right to left, your upper body fully turned weight on the left foot, buckle on your belt facing to the target. After impact you can watch the ball fly straight to your target.

OK now we have the theory, in our mind and it is all clear?? Yes OK now:

We recommend a minim of two practice rounds, early morning when the course is really quiet, you can then take time, if you duff a shot can drop another ball and try again. Prepare beforehand. Clean your clubs, make sure all the dirt is cleaned out of the grooves on the face of your clubs, they are there for controlling spin. Clean the grips with warm soap and water to remove any grease, select the clubs you need you are only permitted 14 in your bag. Place them all in the bag in the correct order. Check the balls: We play with Pro-V1; you will have your preference. I like the number 3 on the ball. Then NEVER have any problem in identifying my ball. Make sure you have tee pegs selection of sizes. / Pitch repairer / ball marker/ pencil to mark your score card/ towel to clean your clubs and the ball/ if you use an electric golf cart ensure the batteries are charged. Correct code of dress is required important to look and feel the part, check your clothes are ready, shoes clean and the / most clubs will not permit steel spikes, so make sure you have rubber grips in good condition / comfortable soft wool socks/ Correct size glove / if there is a chance of rain take a wet weather glove and umbrella. / Golf cap and sun cream if the sun is shining. Drinks / fruit snack. Car has fuel / you have directions to the course, you have checked you tee time. Plan to arrive at the course in plenty of time. Double check your tee time. Purchase a course planner; note in your mind any special hazards; be aware of wind strength and direction.

Study the course score card so you know the degree of difficulty index for each hole. Plan your strategies.

Coffee and a bacon roll, sit back in the club house relax for 20 minutes, If you still have plenty of time go to the range play three balls with each club DO NOT SWING HARD timing balance. Start with your wedge through to driver, then putting long putts to feel the speed of the greens, place ten balls all-round the hole downhill up hill, finish with a few easy putts to see the ball dropping in the hole gives you confidence. You are now warmed up, muscles relaxed no tension. Golfers with a strong mental game realize that the present is all that they can control. (Forget your bad shots)

Learn to play in the present without dwelling on the bad shots. Realize the power of just being in the moment with the full intention and expectation to play a good shot, once a good player has gone through his pre-shot routine, they address the ball and concentrate for just 10 seconds, even then they never freeze over the ball, they waggle the club which is a signal to the brain, once they start their back swing the brain switched to natural let it happen mode, they depend on muscle memory to produce the natural swing, with the perfect timing balance and club head speed. They have developed every golfers dream a natural swing which they can repeat every time without even thinking.

Golf is a mind game:

Learning to play in the present on instinct requires time and effort.
Each time you stand over a shot you must be confident and positive.
Develop the natural swing, play in the zone, train your mind to play in the present, and learn NEVER to dwell on bad shots.
Play your game, your handicap is calculated to compensate for your limitations, you play to your handicap and you will win.
Your club is an extension of your arms, your grip should not be to tight, no tension in the arms, you will then get invaluable feedback from touch and feel, this WILL increase your awareness, your mind and muscle memory will learn the difference between good and bad shots, allowing you to make the necessary changes or adjustments to improve your consistency. If you do have physical limitations then accept that we cannot all turn like Tiger Woods. Concentrate on balance timing rhythm, and most of all your short game, more shots are dropped on the green than off the tee, you should never three putt.

Above all stay cool do not get angry with yourself or others, play with honor never cheat.

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2018 Golf Tips Best of the Best: Tee to Green

Cletic Manor 14th hole



Celtic Manor Early Morning





2018 Best of the Best:

Here in the UK the weather has been terrible most golf courses struggling to keep the course playable, hopefully over the next two months the weather will improve, and we have spring and summer to look forward to.  Time now to check all the basics and fundamentals.  SORRY to say this but if have been playing for years, and still can not break 90, the only hope you have of playing good golf is to: Change your mind set, accept that you need to go right back to basics.  Practice means first checking every thing grip, stance, posture. Key objective develop a swing that has timing, rhythm, balance, tempo, then train mind and body to repeat that swing EVERY time, then all you need to do is select the correct club for the perfect shot every time.

Your routine prior to taking a shot must be practiced until it is second nature. Determine your optimum target area, and the correct distance from the tee. Taking into account all these factors hazards, water, bunkers, trees, heavy rough, out of bounds. Wind direction from behind, wind against, swirling. Is the fairway narrow or wide? Does it dog leg right or left? Where are the Fairway Bunkers?

Fairway bunkers are always set to the distance the course designer would expect the average player to drive. So pick your target, use course management it will save shots. If that means taking your three wood off the tee then that is the smart play.

Now select the correct club, you should know the distance with your metal three wood, on average 200 yards, driver 220-230 yards depending on the wind and ball selection.
Between the tee blocks select precisely where to place your tee, it needs to be positioned to give you a direct line to your target. Your tee MUST to be the correct height, so the ball is level with the sweet spot on your club.
Now step back behind the ball line it up with the target, the logo on the ball can be adjusted like a rifle sight to point to the target. Step back behind the ball check the target line. Maybe select an old divot a short distance ahead which is in line with your target, aim to hit the ball over this marker.

Line the logo up with the target area, and set the height in line with the sweet spot on your club

Take a relaxed practice swing. Step up to the ball. Arms and club stretched out in front of you, slowly bend fore-ward from the hips until the club touches the ground behind the ball. Take your stance the width of your shoulders. Feet aligned slightly left of the target, check your grip, do not grip the club too tight. Pressure =same as squeezing a tube of tooth past you are now ready to take the shot. Take one last look at the target, deep breath relax no tension in the arms, just think rhythm and timing, keep your eyes fixed on the ball. Do NOT freeze over the ball waggle the club, push back low a smooth with the left arm your upper body starting to turn, DO not sway back, only the upper body turning (SET IT LOSE MOTHER GOOSE). That is your tempo. Pull down with the left arm in control keep your head down eye fix on the ball hit right through the ball the club staying low and in line with the target.
Key objective to teach your mind and body to synchronize Maintain balance, smooth transfer of weight from right to left follow though, DO NOT LOOK UP UNTIL THE BALL HAS GONE.
Once you have a swing that is smooth natural and you can repeat it every time then will be a single handicap golfer.
Course management
Know what you want to do before you take the shot. Always go through your Pre-shot routine. Take a practice swing push back low to the ground, take away in line with the target until pasted the outside of your right foot, allow your wrists to cock naturally keep your head still eyes fixed on the back of the ball left arm straight full turn, weight transferring from left to right, DO NOT LEAN your upper body turns square, start your down swing upper turn back pull down with the left arm, club returning on the same line reaching the point of impact exactly the same as it was at address.
With your practice swing check the divot, it should be 90% on the target side of the ball position; your club should not touch the ground before impact with the ball.
To achieve consistent solid contact with the ball you must ensure the ball is placed in the correct position related to your stance. That applies to all shots.
You need a high level of concentration as you prepare to take your shot. But just for a few seconds.
DO NOT freeze over the ball
When you start your back swing relax and switch into relaxed happy mode try to move with the balance timing and rhythm of a good dancer. One -piece takeaway, push back with your left hand low and smooth in line with the target, turn fully, coil your upper body against the resistance of the lower body, keep the right knee flexed, left arm straight, complete the back swing, make a smooth transition, pull down with the left hand, butt pointing to the ball, open up your hips to the target on the down swing, keep your head still and behind the ball, hit through the ball, rotate your wrists, extend your arms towards the target, good transfer of weight and balance.
Develop feel; the club needs to feel just like an extension to your arms, Swing with rhythm- timing.
Throughout the swing your left hand remains in control push back with the left hand pull down with the left hand.
Do not allow your strong right hand to take control if you do you will never keep the ball straight NEVER underestimate the importance of set up and pre-shot routine. Sure we would all like to emulate the pro swing. However Set-up first —- swing later.
Commitment, it takes self-discipline, time and determination to get it right.
Practice set up in front of a large mirror, or the reflection in the patio glass. In front of a mirror there will no be hazards or wind, but still train your mind to check every thing as you prepare for your shot.
Step up to the ball. Arms and club stretched out in front of you, slowly bend fore-ward from the hips until the club touches the ground behind the ball.
Take your stance the width of your shoulders. Aligned to the target.

Check your grip

Your grip is important, well worth paying attention to every single detail in your set up must be right.

Do not grip the club too tight. Pressure = same as squeezing a tube of tooth paste.
Club-face-set square to the ball and in line with the target. Club and hands must be taken back smoothly in one piece. Feel the club it is an extension of your arms.
Take the club back smoothly, low and in line with the target until it is past your right foot, then allow to arc up and around your body. Make a full turn, left shoulder turning underneath your chin, left arm kept straight.
With a good shoulder turn your wrists will cock naturally. The club must return on the same line, point of impact being exactly the same as it was that address, head still eyes focused on the ball, hit through the ball in line with the target, your wrists rotating, full follow through.
Your key objective is to maintain perfect balance smooth easy swing the weight transferring on the down swing from right to left, with the rhythm tempo and timing. IF YOU ARE LOSING YOUR BALANCE then you are swinging too hard and too fast. Objective to allow your upper body to turn, pushing the club back with the left arm low and in line with the target, weight transferring from left to right. DO NOT LEAN TURN SHOULDERS SQUARE, left arm straight a crossed your chest under your chin, allowing the wrists to cock naturally, at full turn your back should be to the target, the head of your club should be pointing to the target, your right thumb on the underside of your grip.
With one smooth movement start your down swing pulling down with the left arm body turning with timing, Do not allow your arms to get ahead of your body, you must return to point of impact exactly the same as you were at address, keep your head still eyes on the ball. Do not look up until after the ball has gone. Hit right through the ball your wrists turn right arm straight, keep the club going straight in line with the target, upper body turning; your belt buckle should now be pointing at the target, with your weight on the left foot.
It is a Macho thing to try and generate as much club head speed as possible, drive 280 yards. But believe me if that ball is not on the Fairway you WILL drop shots, hit out of bounds, lost ball, in the trees, in the water, in the hazard. That is rubbish golf. Play Tee to

Notice left arm straight, eye on the ball, hit through the ball not at the ball. Your divot should be the under the ball NOT before you reach the point of impact

Fairway — Fairway to green.
More Distance

Go through your pre-shot routine. Check all the possible hazards, bunkers, water, out of bounds, and the distance to your target.
Select the optimum position within the tee box; tee the ball high so it lines up with the sweet spot on your driver. Line the logo up with the target.
Visualize the shot in your mind, the ball flying high and straight, landing right on target.
Keep that vision clear in your mind.
Your practice swing should preempt the swing you intend to make, which as always should be a smooth natural swing with tempo, timing, balance, rhythm.
At address:
Widen your stance, with left toe pointed out, 60% of your weight on right foot.
Place the ball in line with your left heel, and 32″ from your toes. Taken stance slightly left of target, bend from the waist till the club rests behind the ball.
Use a strong grip and light grip pressure. Waggle the club to relax muscles and rehearse hinging of right wrist.
Take a last look at the target, and then fix your eye on the ball. No tension, your arms forming a triangle, push back with your left arm low and in line with the target.
Maximize coil and keep body relaxed with a light grip. Hinge wrists fully at top of back-swing.
Maximize coil your left shoulder and hip behind ball on back-swing. Try not to lift left foot on back-swing.
Keep your left arm bend at the top of the back-swing. Start your down-swing by pointing the butt end of the club toward the ball. Pull down with the left arm in control Relax arms, make a shallow approach, delay turning of shoulders on down-swing, let arms extend and pull shoulders into finish. Accelerate the club slowly on down-swing. Rotate shaft through impact.
Try to generate maximum club head speed when the club head passes the ball, not at or before impact. Keep head and upper body behind ball throughout swing. Try to keep your right heel on the ground longer on down-swing to help keep your body back. Hit the ball on the upswing. Hit through the ball in line with the target 9: Long Irons and fairway metal woods
Long Irons often the best choice for your second or third shot, and Par three holes off the tee, refer to the yardage chart for distance you could expect to attain with each club the LOWER number should give you more distance.
For example your 6 iron should give you an accurate shot with a distance of 145 yards.
One of the ways I recommend to keep you timing and tempo. Keep this saying in mind:
Normal speech!! My favorite saying is: TEE IT HIGH LET IT FLY this is the time it should take from the start of your back swing to impact with the ball, you develop the club head speed on the down swing by having all your body and arm movement synchronized: giving you,balance, timing, tempo.
The degree of difficulty increases the *LOWER the number on the club. (Lower the number gives you less loft).
Three irons will give you 175 yards; with a lot of practice will be straight and long. Most average club players prefer to use a three wood for this distance, professional nearly always use the irons because they have a smooth repeatable swing and they or their caddies know the exact distance they can achieve with that particular club.
Most us how play with the latest drivers , they all have one thing in common large club heads, so we have become accustom to teeing the ball high in line with the sweet spot on you club.
You need to practice on the range, maintain a nice easy smooth swing with balance timing and tempo, and hit five balls with each club, record the distance of each ball then divide the total by five and that is the average distance for that club.
Of-course with the wedges that is the maxim distance, the short pitch or chip shots need soft hands, feel and touch.
Many golfers now play with the new hybrid (Iron-wood) which can promote higher more accurate shots.
Before you select your club check the distance, this can be the actual yardage to the flag, or the distance that will give you the ideal shot to the green. If it is too far to reach the green from the fairway or has hazards then most good players prefer to lie up to their best distance. (You can expect to play a good shot to the green with a pitching wedge from 100 yards out).
Do not forget to allow for cross winds; also make adjustments for the lie of the ball. E.g. slopes, ball above or below your feet rough grass.
Refer to your yardage chart; select the club for the distance. Select the club that allows you to make your normal full swing. No matter what the distance is your swing tempo remains the same every time, the club selected will control the loft and distance. Trust the club always no negative thoughts be confident and positive.
There are a number of different clubs you can choose for chipping first we select the pitch wedge.
Ball position:
Just inside your right heel will produce a low running shot used when you have a lot of green to cover before reaching the hole.
Ball center of stance will fly over a few yards of light fringe, and roll up to the pin.
Ball just inside you left heel will allow the ball to fly high over a hazard or several yards of rough grass and on to the green.
Allow your arms to swing back away from the ball and feel a gentle cocking of the wrists, now with unhurried rhythm, allow your arms to swing and shoulders turn through towards the target, keeping your hands ahead of the ball, making the back swing and through swing equal length.
Your short game and putting are the key to low scores, you need to practice for hours to develop the soft hands FEEL that allows you to play a perfect chip, play with a soft ball. Driving off the Tee is a thrill but only a small % of your game. More important is your short game, around the greens; this depends on correct selection of club and developing feel.
Shots from around the green
Semi – short rough: Use your SAND WEDGE or pitching wedge.
This is a difficult shot very much a feel shot played with confidence, Practice the following but until you have perfected technique do not use in a competitive game. From semi- rough with the ball sitting well down, Take your sand wedge, Open up the club-face, pointing to the target area where you would like the ball to land on the green, open stance e.g. feet hips and shoulders should point left of the the target area. Always think positive, land the ball let it roll into the cup.
Then swing along the line of your body, allowing your wrists to hinge on the back swing. On the down swing rotate hips and shoulders through towards the target this permits the club head to swing down on an out-to-in path and accelerate across the ball producing a high flight path and spin to stop the ball on the green.
Shot must be played with confidence providing your club is under the ball at impact; the ball will come out high land soft and stop.
Until you have perfected the fore-mention shot best you stay with your pitching wedge. Trust the loft on the club, do not try to Scoop the ball out. Take a wide stance, take the club straight back in line with the target, and allow the wrists to hinge on the back swing, nice smooth down swing do not quit on the shot follow through – keep your head down, the 52 or 60 degree loft on your wedge will pick the ball up and out. Allow the ball to land before the flag and roll up to or in the hole.
It is the touch and feel shots that make the difference between an average player and a single handicap player, if you are a good short game player you will gain the respect of your peers, most of them will be able to hit long drives few can play a good short game.
Shots from around the Green
Check the contours of the green this is in effect a long putting stoke and you are expecting to hole out. Think positive NO negative thoughts.
Ball position back in your stance, hands two inches in front of the club head. Stand square to the target; swing as if a long putting stroke, smooth pendulum action (tick tock).
This shot you need to consider many factors.
If you have an equal amount of short rough and green then use your pitch wedge smooth pendulum swing DO NOT TRY TO SCOOP the ball up trust me the loft of the club will lift the ball, all you need to do is position the ball back in your stance, hand well in front of the ball, stand tall do not move your legs just arms and shoulders, swing through the ball in line with the target. Hit to land the ball close to the pin.
Only a little fringe: and a lot of green to run up to the flag, then you can use a number of club with less loft, say a seven iron this same pendulum swing this time aim the land the ball on the green 50% of the way to the flag with sufficient speed to roll up to the hole.
Chipping: General
(There are a number of different clubs you can choose for chipping first we select the pitch wedge.)
Ball position
• Just inside your right heel will produce a low running shot used when you have a lot of green to cover before reaching the hole.
• Ball center of stance will fly over a few yards of light fringe, and roll up to the pin.
• Ball just inside you left heel will allow the ball to fly high over a hazard or several yards of rough grass and on to the green.
Allow your arms to swing back away from the ball and feel a gentle cocking of the wrists, now with unhurried rhythm, allow your arms to swing and shoulders turn through towards the target, keeping your hands ahead of the ball, making the back swing and through swing equal length.
Your short game and putting is the key to low scores, you need to practice for hours to develop the soft hands FEEL that allows you to play a perfect chip, play with a soft ball.
Driving off the Tee is a thrill but only a small % of your game. More important is your short game, around the greens; this depends on correct selection of club and developing feel.
Putting: Long and short putts
Putting is by far the most important element of your game.
Just by never three putting you can save 10 shots. Always train your muscle memory, by measuring each shot in number of paces from the hole, this way you will learn to play perfect weight and length, you can visualize the shot and make adjustment in your mind, if the ball is 15 paces from the hole down hill in my mind I play the shot as if it was only 14 paces from the hole, if the putt is 15 paces from the hole up hill then I play it as a 16 pace shot.
There are many different ways to putt and you will have a putter you are confident with, but in the end it still comes down to feel and touch the putter is and extension of your mind, you must learn to visualize the ball rolling into the hole, transmit that vision, to ensure 100% coordination between mind, eyes and arms. Hours of practice, set your self objectives. Learn to read the greens, speed the amount of turn to expect.
Stand feeling comfortable. Keep your lower body perfectly still NO leg movement.
Check the line and contours of the green.
To prevent misalignment study the green very carefully. Your brain now has many calculations to consider, is the putt uphill or downhill, will it turn from right or from the left this depends on the contours of the green at what point will it start to turn, if it turns from right to left — then just how far right must I aim to ensure the ball drops in the hole.
Also consider the distance, length -amount of weight played is often more important than the correct line- you never want to three putt. On a long putt imagine a big bowl is the hole and you are aiming to get it in the bowl that way you will either get it in the hole or very close, at worst leaving your self a tap in putt short putts do not ground the putter head.
Ensure your clubface is square to the target, the target is not always the hole it is a point on the green where the ball will start to turn, or run away downhill.
PUTTING IS THE MOST IMPORTANT element in the game of golf – average of TWO on every green, if you are three putting then you will lose every game.

Note the level of concentration, thinking above the line and the weight of her putt

Head and eyes directly over the ball do keep your head and body perfectly still, NO movement in the legs.
Keep your back swing smooth. Rock the shoulders arms moving in a pendulum like motion.
Take the putter back only a short distance and then accelerate towards the ball keeping the putter blade going through smooth and square in line with the target.
DO NOT LIFT your head until the ball is well on its way, on short putts you should hear the ball drop in the hole, not see it. Practice your putting every chance you get, make your practice a challenging game, place six ball in a circle 2 yards away from the hole putt each one in turn you cannot go on to the next stage until you putt every ball in succession.
Next place one ball two paces from the hole and another ball every two paces from the first ball, putt the first ball then the second till all six are in the hole, this will implant the correct weight needed related to the number of paces the ball is from the hole.
Long putts
On a long putt hold the putter gently. It helps to point the logo on the ball in line with the hole or direction of play.
On long putts you can break the wrists on the back swing, also on the follow through this should give more feel.
Ball position opposite left instep this will ensure you brush the ball with a rising blow then the ball spins head over toe which help it stay on line.
Practice for long putts:
To develop a feel for weight needed, to ensure the ball travels the correct distance; this takes a lot of practice. To train your mind you need to practice. With the ball a set distance from the hole.
To do this on a flat green place at row of balls starting with one pace from the hole – then a ball every pace back to 15 paces. Start with the first ball, then putt each ball in turn. Then when you play this will teach you to think in terms of how many paces the ball is from the hole. In your mind add one pace for uphill; – take one pace off for downhill.
Practice long putts with just your right hand this will give you the feeling of the rolling ball.
You could also try to putt with your eyes closed this will enhance your senses and help you develop the touch and feel required to judge just how hard you need to stroke the ball for varying distances to the hole.
Speed will take the turn out of the putt, you need to be confident of your line sure that you can place the ball dead center of the hole then you can putt with pace, most players elected to play a slow ball and judge the amount of turn required. Practice both once you decide which method gives you the best average, and then always play that way.
Practice PUTTING as often as you can certainly in Preference to hitting ball after ball on the range.
Putting is the most important element in golf, if you have a good short game and can putt, combined with good course management, you can play in the mid eighties. Putting is the one element in golf that gives you the opportunity to develop your game to another level.
OK that is the 26 lessons a full course. The feedback has been good and hundreds of members have reported a big improvement in their game, we have take 609 members from playing in the 90+ group to playing in the low eighties. Our objective to be the best golf page on the internet, we will go to DVD and videos next – plus kids golf, we will continue on line coaching ALL FREE.

Please send the links with recommendation to all your golfing friends and to family with children – they may like to teach their children how to play golf. You can follow us us on Twitter, for the top tips and PGA news.  Please re-tweet to your friends and followers. Stay in contact with your coach – send details and questions they are always happy to help.

Warm regards Ascharapan   ( e-mail Ascharapan@hightolow.co.uk

Welcome to the Pro golf club from Ascharapan : Come on now even a bad day at golf is better than a good day in work  Join us there will be no more bad days at golf or lost balls we WILL teach you to play great golf: I promise. I may be your on-line coach (If you want me)  e-mail Ascharapan@hightolow.co.uk



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Tiger and Tip of the week

Golf question 1

Now we have you attention





Golf question 2

Great to see Tiger playing good golf up there on the leader board again.

Tiger New High to Low Oct 24

For us mere mortals to have a bad day at golf miss the cut that is life, for Tiger who was the best player in the world it must be devastating.

There can be nothing Tiger does not know about golf, the best coaches in the world can tinker with his game. However the golden rule in golf: when you are about to play your shot there can be NO negative thoughts, you MUST be 100% confident – only positive thoughts. Your mind controls everything we do, it recalls all the hours of practise and the muscle memory ,that gives you a natural smooth swing that you can repeat every time. That is why you need to stay in the zone, know when to concentrate and when to relax. It has been scientifically proven that we have two parts of our brain one for concentration one for happy natural fun and movement: When a pro-golfer is preparing to take his shot he has a high level of concentration for a just few seconds, once he starts his back swing his brain switches to natural free flow muscle memory, in his mind that ball is going to land on target.

Gary Player who is 80 years old and super fit spends hours in the gym every day and still plays great golf, knows that the mind is controls every aspect of life if you can maintain positive confident mind set you will be a winner.

How do you build that level of confidence, one simple fact is if you look good you feel good, how do you look good you eat the right food, spend time excising, never get stressed, enjoy life, laugh and have fun.

In summary:

Has Tiger lost his mojo? Is he trying too hard? does he needs to forget all the high flying coaches spend time on doing what makes him happy? Allow his mind to analyse his life take the right decisions for him and then his incredible natural talent will return his confidence will build and we will see the Tiger we loved to watch, his controlled play for the first two days, then on the final day if required his exciting attack play.

Moral to this story control your mind and you control your game, never have negative thoughts , when you are setting up to play – pre-shot routine – course management – correct club – all the fundamentals right – stance- posture- grip- balance- timing –tempo – rhythm.

Concentrate one last look at the target, start your back swing wide, on the down swing keep it narrow, hit through the ball.

It has been a long time since we heard from you. You still have your very own golf coach free:

Need to save shots on you next round then e-mail us. Ascharapan@hightolow.co.uk

You will know your game tell us what elements of your game that are costing you the most shots.

You can send a video of your swing – we will evaluate and give you our advice.

If you are already playing below a 14 handicap – take care do not try to introduce major changes to you game it will only need fine-tuning – and the correct mind set and soon you will be playing single handicap.


How to save shot never three putt – This a long putt, you need to just make contact with the ball when your putter head is slightly rising this creates roll which in turn keeps your ball on line


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Perfect swing

The Golf Digest, say that this is the perfect swing.   Sang is a young gun his swing speed is very fast. So we can all clearly see and learn from each element of his swing we have slowed each frame down, it will load in windows media player ( It does take a little time to load )

Note each action and do your best to emulate his swing ( On the practice range NOT during a game on course)  That comes if you do manage to improve your swing.

Key points he take the club back wide and slow always inline with his target, never takes his eyes off the ball, turns with the upper body, hits right through the ball, maintains perfect balance and transfer of weight.

Sang-Moon-bae Sequence com

Lovely Golf Photo s

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Welcome to Progolf Club: Please Register.


Note the level of concentration, thinking above the line and the weight of her putt

Our goal has always been to teach you how to play in the low eighties,  It is a proven fact that even with pro golfers if they are putting well, they are winners shooting low scores NEVER 3 putt.

Another two great tips:



I’ve found that most golfers have trouble with long putts because they don’t let the putter swing freely. They become as ball-bound on putts as they are on their full shots. They are too aware of the stroke, become a 100% conscious of the mechanics. They tend to have a short backswing and they over accelerate through the ball, breeding erratic rhythm and inconsistent results.

One good drill I recommend to improve feel for distance is to look at the hole while you putt. That’s right. Focus your eyes on the target at address and keep them there when hitting the ball. Feel the putter swing back and through like a pendulum, changing direction at the same speed. Practice this on the putting green from about 10 feet and then gradually work back to longer putts. This drill helps you use your eyes better to judge distance and teaches you to trust what you feel.



One way of insuring that you don’t leave a putt short is to visualize a mythical hole about a foot behind the real hole. If you don’t make the putt, it’s a lot better to leave it a foot long than a foot short. I try to set up square to the target, and in my mind I feel that I’m square to the target. But you’ll see here that I’m ever-so-slightly closed. The main thing is that I’m comfortable and have a good look at the path to the hole. Note the target lines on the putter face. They really help in my setup. I line the ball up between the two vertical lines and watch so that the cross line is square to the hole. Then I stroke it firmly into the cup.

Every other golf tip you could imagine, you can find FREE on http://golfcoachblog.com

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Phil Mickelson explains how to play from the bunker

Phil Mickelson explains how to play from the bunker 

I have read all my e-mails, and replied to all the requests for tips and one to one instruction.

One member said that in the last five years we have never given any tips:

1 Design specifically for left-handers.

2 Do not feature videos

3 And in depth instruction how to play from bunkers Bunkers

So we have turned to the best Phil Mickelson, and included the link to his video on U tube this is free NOT a add.



We would like to rate as the best FREE golf page on the internet we already have well over 4000 members worldwide, and amazing feedback.  I NEED MORE interaction; one on one coaching is what makes our web page unique.  I have hundreds of good friends, and proud that we have helped them improve their golf.

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All our tips are Free – we do have a joint venture with the world long drive champion, if you need to take you game to pro-level fast then this is the program for you.

Distance off the tee – That is exciting it feels great to see your ball rocket of the tee on the right trajectory (Flight path – on target and 260 yards) just a short iron from the green. )

Let the world Champion teach you how, we have tested the Eric Jones course on a wide selection golfers who are improving their game at our golf academy, all ages, guys and girls the beginners and good players: The results have been amazing

ADD 50 YARDS to Your Drives? WHO BETTER TO LEARN FROM than a WORLD LONG DRIVE CHAMPION? You CAN Hit It Longer … With Your Driver, And Every Club In Your Bag! When you drive a ball 300 yards + you are a winner every time it is a great feeling.


To the Free Eric Jones Videos you can see here: http://nanacast.com/vp/98066/95826/?redirecturl=http://www.fivekeystodistance.com





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