Lesson 1 of 26 : Learn to play golf.

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Lesson 1 ( Very basic information intended as an introduction  to golf)  Over the full course of 26 lesson we will teach you to play golf to a high standard, our objective to teach you to play with a single handicap, ( in the low eighties)

NOW**** We also have a really incredible feature, Free videos from the Long Distance Champion of The World Eric Jones. ( If you are just learning this maybe early days to be thinking distance like 300 yards + but it is worth looking. All our coach are impressed.

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(For true beginners) If you are already playing and looking to improve your game then your could, jump on to lesson three or to the elements of your game that are costing you the most shots.

Click here for Lesson 2 ( What is in the bag )

Welcome to the Pro golf club from Ascharapan : Come on now even a bad day at golf is better than a good day in work

The next 10 lessons are to teach you to play golf to a reasonable standard, also for high handicap players who need to improve or revitalize their game. The last 16 lessons will designed to teach you to play golf in the low eighties.

Very basic information:  for the true beginner. This first lesson is only intended for those new to golf and just starting. We all had to learn, just a brief in-sight to the game of golf.

Lesson 1 of 26 – Each week we will publish the next phase of your instruction, our objective to teach you to play golf in the low eighties single handicap golf.

Putting: Is the key to great golf.  You can always start children on the putting green; make it a game and take their friends along. The golden rule for children is it must be fun; then they will enjoy learning be keen to play well.

Note the level of concentration, thinking about the line and the weight of her putt

If you are just learning or going to teach your children to play, then we will provide all the correct traditional basics and fundamentals’ that will form the basis of playing great golf:

It will also enhance your life and career; most of your colleagues, senior management will all play golf. Follow this free course which will teach you to play. Then you have the opportunity to join your friends and colleagues, gain the respect of your peers by playing low handicap golf. If you are young and have total dedication and commitment you could be a pro -golfer, only the elite few make the PGA tour professional, but there are many thousand of PGA golf coaches, it is a wonderful career. You go to work every day a do enjoy life to the full, it is amazing.

For learners only: Lesson 1  ( Any thing you do not understand e-mail your personal on line coach. ) Support@hightolow.co.uk

Very basic information: Just for the true beginner.

This first lesson is only intended for those new to golf and just starting. We all had to learn, just a brief in-sight to the game of golf. Please remember that golf is a game our trust and honour, it is quite easy to cheat; NEVER cheat play by the rules, if you are known to cheat you will lose the respect of your fellow golfers. Most aspects of the game will be covered in the 26 lessons, instruction, the lessons are supported with the on line coaching services, provided by the High to Low professional golf coaches: (Unique service – it is all FREE)

No obligation: But we would like you to be a privileged member, you would receive all the PGA information, weekly top tips, monthly newsletter, and full support from your own personal PGA / LPGA golf coach.   Soon we will also have on line video instructions, the full course. FREE.
Know the game of golf, and then learn to play,
Golf an outdoor game; the course is about 7000 yards divided into sections called holes. Individual holes may vary in length from 100 to 600 yards; each hole begins at the tee and ends at the hole, to complete the hole the golf ball must be propelled into the hole. The object of the game is to advance the ball around the course using as few strokes as possible From the tee each player tries to drive the ball onto the fairway, a carefully tended strip of land, the fairway is short grass, on either side there will be rough areas of long grass, bushes, or trees. Also hazards natural and man made, including sand-filled bunkers, water hazards lakes, and ponds.  At the far end of the fairway is the putting green, the grass short and smooth, not necessarily flat most greens have contours, down hill and up hill slopes to the hole, the short grass is smooth like a snooker table and will permit the ball to roll easily after it has been given a gentle stroke know as a putt. Golf Strokes and Golf Clubs: main shots. Drive: Which hopefully is a long shot from the tee? The approach shot: Played from the fair way towards the green, a number of different clubs can be used long Irons, fairway woods. Once within 100yds of the green it becomes a pitch or a chip shot, normally played with a pitching wedge. Normal set of 14 golf clubs: Are divided into those know as woods, (do not be confused) they will now large heads made of metal, titanium, and those know as irons with heads made of steel. The shafts can be made of steel or graphite. Woods are numbered 1 to 5, irons in the bag normally 3 to 9 plus your specialized clubs pitching wedge, sand wedge, and putter. (Another strange thing: The clubs with the low numbers 1-2-3 are used for driving the ball 200 yards+ the higher the number the less distance you will hit. Why? It is all about loft your driver will be 10 degree loft your sand wedge will be 56 degree loft) All will be explained in the lesson number 2. (What is in the bag  .)

You must always be positive no negative thoughts, be confident and in control. One of the golden rules we will teach you will be to trust your clubs. Forms of Competition: Match play: This is played hole by hole, the player taking the least number of stokes between tee and hole wins the hole. The one who wins the most holes wins *once handicaps have been taken into account. Stroke play: You need to play consistent golf over the course the winner is the player taking the fewest stokes over the full 18 holes. Again once handicaps have been taken into account The term par: Refers to the number of strokes the pro-golf would normally expect to use in completing a particular hole. Each hole is measured from Tee- to green, the distance and degree of difficulty will determine the number of stokes you should take in a perfect game. Your score card will show you the distance and degree of difficultly. You will note that the holes which are the 450 yards + will be ranked as par 5 holes, the holes that are up to 400 yards will be par 4, short holes up to 250 yards will be par 3 Also on your score card will be the stoke index, stoke index 1 will be rated as the hardest hole on the course, stoke index 18 being rated as the easiest hole on the course. If you made par on every hole your total score would be a perfect 72 for 18 holes, which is why the most of the top courses are referred to as a par 72 course. (When you can play the course in 72 or less then you are a potential pro-golfer)

General Course information: Par three short holes, it is possible to make a hole in one, with a perfect shot and more than a fair share of luck. Par five holes as we said earlier 450 to 580 yard holes all with varying degrees of difficulty. Tee: Tee it high let it fly – the time it takes to say is the timing for your swing Is the area from which you play the first shot on every hole? A-tee is also the small peg, which you place in the ground

These tees come in sizes, so you can adjust the height of your ball, to ensure it lines up with the sweet spot on your club

On the Tee area place the ball on top so you get a clean contact with the ball when you drive the ball towards the fairway

Line the logo up with the target area, and set the height in line with the sweet spot on your club

Par: The number of golf strokes a pro-player would expect to take on each hole (or better) Bogey: Is one stroke over par Birdie: Is one stroke under par. Eagle: Are two Strokes under par Handicaps are very important, because even if you are playing with a player who is considered to be a very good golfer, his or her handicap will be much lower than yours so he or she has to play to their handicap or better in order to win. For example: If your normal game your score is 100 stokes for the 18 holes your handicap is=

100 – 72 = 28 If their normal game is 80 stokes for 18 holes their handicap will be

80 – 72 = 8. So for them to beat you they would need to beat you by 21 stokes or more We have included sample score cards to help you understand. Scoring in golf is sometimes a mystery to non golfers or those just starting, because golf unlike other sports the golfer with the lowest score wins, (In normal Stoke play) Completive golf is played over 18 holes, if you are a pro golfer you would take 72 shots or lower to complete all 18 holes. That is referred to as a par round. Each hole you start at the tee box, and finish in the hole on the green. Every time you make a stroke, count it. At the end of each hole, add up your strokes for that hole and write it down. At the end of the round, add up the strokes for each hole and, there you have it, your golf score, your then deduct your handicap which gives you your net score Score in relation to par is also very easy to understand and you know how well you are playing by the number of shots taken on each hole. When things go wrong out of bounds etc (you will have to take a penalty stroke.) On your score card each hole is given a number representing “par” – the number of strokes it should take a pro golfer to finish that hole. If the hole is a par is 4 and you take 5 shots, then your score in relation to par is 1-over. E.g. a bogey If the par is 4 and you only take 3 shots, then your score in relation to par is 1-under. E.g. a birdie If par for the course is 72 and you finished with a 95, then your score is 23-over = to a handicap of 23. The handicap system: With the handicap system, you can play any other golfer on any course and be competitive. For example if your average score is 95, (Handicap 23) and you play a golfer that has an average score of 76, (Handicap 4) in simple terms if you take 95 shots, and he takes 77 you win. In order to play on the prestigious international courses you will need an official handicap, when you become club member, you can hand in three score cards, the average of the three scores will be your handicap. Once you play with a handicap of 18 or below you will be permitted to play on any course, including international clubs. Reason the club insist on you showing your handicap cards : To ensure you can play a full round in 4 hours or under, also you will comply with golf etiquette, correct code of dress, will not endanger other players, and for the hard working grounds men take care of the course. You will replace divots, repair pitch mark on the greens. Score card. (Assume normal tees not competition tees) You will note that Player 1 won the game with a net 73. 101 – (28) =73 The words “out” and “in” appear on most golf scorecards, alongside the par for the front nine and back nine. Why are these terms used, and what do they mean? What they mean is fairly self-evident. “Out” and “in” on the scorecard refer to the golfer’s front and back nines, respectively. The yardage of any given golf hole is on the scorecard and also shown on a sign at the tee. The yardage is also marked at various points on the side of the fairways- for example, from 200 yards out (from the green), 150 yards out, and 100 yards out. Many courses also put yardages on sprinkler heads and other objects found in the fairway. These yardages are to the center of the greens. Golf is not easy to master; many club players will never play well because they have not learnt the correct mechanics, only a few players are born with true natural ability. Even the lucky few still need to know the mechanics of the game. All have pre-shot routines, have developed and natural swing. Paramount to every thing else: Smooth swing, good balance, rhythm and timing, correct transfer of weight. Select the correct club.

In the lessons to follow we will teach you all different ways of playing and scoring. One of the many golden rules you will learn on this course: Golf is a mind game: Just one of the key objectives we will teach you.  Once you have learnt the basics, you then need to develop the correct mind set. Mind Game:  Golden Rule: During your pre-shot routine you learn to visualize the shot, in your mind you can see the target area; you see the flight path of the ball (trajectory) NO negative thoughts. Stand over the shot with confidence and be positive. Now all you need to do is trust your swing and your club selection, focus on balance, tempo, and rhythm.

Golfers with a strong mental game realize that the present is all that they can control. (Forget your bad shot) Learn to play in the present without dwelling the bad shots. Realize the power of just being in the moment with the full intention and expectation to play a good shot, once a good player has gone through his pre-shot routine, they address the ball and concentrate for just 10 seconds, once they start the back swing they switch to natural swing the one they use every time for that shot, they play on instinct and trust their subconscious or and muscle memories to make it happen for them. Learning to play in the present on instinct requires time and effort. That is why experience is such a priceless commodity. Because when all else fails, the truth emerges from one’s experiences if you are honest with yourself. By training your mind to play in the present, you can shorten the time required to experience the power of being free to play on instinct and in the zone. Unfortunately, many golfers never learn to stop dwelling on their past and future outcomes. The trick to being in the present is to allow yourself to learn from the feedback each shot provides without your ego being involved in the outcome. By being honest about your present mechanical, strategic, physical and mental limitations, you will increase your awareness of what you can do to improve your present abilities. Then, it becomes a question of how strong your desire is to make the necessary changes or adjustments to improve. Only the lucky few are born with natural feel, balance, tempo, even they need to know the correct mechanics of golf and practice for hours to perfect a smooth repeatable swing.

Most high handicap players have two common faults; they swing too hard and look up before impact One last comment: I wish you luck and enjoyment in every game you play. Please remember that golf is a game of honour, it is quite easy to cheat, but if you are seen to cheat your golfing friends will lose respect for you. Read your Hand Book of Golf ,  Next lesson we teach you basic course rules and etiquette of golf.

About our site and our objectives: We will teach you to play golf, beginners to single handicap players, fundamentals / basics to pro-golf tips With books / written tips illustrations it is comparatively easy to teach a high handicapper or someone just learning to play; they can read and learn the correct mechanics and principles of the game, which will immediately improve their game. Every thing in the swing depends on fundamentals. Get the basics right at address is a golden rule, which applies to all players if you are new to golf or have played for years, you will score your best with a solid foundation. Our Objective will be to teach you how to play single handicap golf. If you are already low handicap player, it is not always a wise move to introduce major changes. Even the great players like Tiger find it difficult to make changes to their game. We have collated all the best tips we know into a concise easy to reference format, select the tips directly related to the elements of your game that are cost you the most shots. These tips and instruction WILL improve your game; just to know you are playing with the correct mechanics’ will give you confidence. Never stand over the shot with negative thoughts, always think positive. We have done our best to ensure the tips are concise and in a format that makes them easy to understand and remember. We have also organized them into precise categories to make them easy to reference. We also feature all our special monthly tips, complete with illustrations. We also feature all our special monthly tips, complete with illustrations. Our FREE service is unique, you can contact us direct with questions related to your game, we will reply personally, using our experience as pro golfers to give you the best advice.

Special Feature: We say there is no magic formula by this is as close as it gets, ALL our coaches were impressed. It is quite simply the BEST.
Free Distance Course by: Eric Jones the World Long Drive Champion
Eric has put together a 5-part training course focused on distance. It’s based on the same key swing concepts found in The 5 Keys to Distance, and uses a few of the same drills.
Try these drills FREE and you will hit the ball longer and more consistently if you are a average golfer with the full video training course you will drive up much longer and on target) When you add 50 yards + to your drives and more distance on all your long shots from the fairway, it will transform you complete game. You lower your handicap and start winning your club competitions and how good will it feel when you win the longest drive. With a world long drive champion prepared to share his secrets with you it will be a distinct possibility not just a dream.
Submit the form on the bottom of this page and in your welcome message you will receive two links. One link for your FREE Hand Book of Golf – the Second from Eric Jones the Long Drive World Champion.
When you sign up to our pro-golf club you will we provide our unique FREE service, you will a full member and that entitles you to your FREE Hand Book of Golf, 26 Free on-line Lessons, 20 To golf tips, and what make us truly unique we give you your own on-line coach who will teach you golf step by step, answer ALL your questions, monitor your progress and teach you how to play great golf.
Because we are joint venture with Eric Jones you will need to enter your e-mail and name to create their your membership account and password for the 5 Keys to distance (Videos)
The membership for the course is free and always will be.
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Also Junior Golf is the fastest growing sport in the world. Teach your children or grand children to play we will support you every step of the way.
Even consider golf as a career, there are many opportunities in golf.
All the Top golfers are millionaires.

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