Lesson 4 Tee to green,

Golf Guide for Beginner

LESSON 4: Tee to green

Special Feature: 5 Keys to distance From:

The Long Distance World Champion Eric Jones. At the end of this lesson.

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Hi happy golfers, hope you are reading all the lessons and getting plenty of practice, not many questions, being sent in which means? You can follow and under-stand the step by step lessons.

Not easy to teach golf with text and illustrations’ thought there would be more questions.

OK we thought that now is a good time to get you from the driving range and putting green and on to the course. (To generate the thrill of playing from tee to green) Your objective will be: To get from tee to green in the least possible number of stroke.

Go back over your basics and the first 3 lessons, you will note there are fundamentals, basic course management and attention to detail that are going to make that task a lot easier.  First get your mind set right, NO mad axe-man routine. Every swing you make is going to be with timing, balance, rhythm, and tempo. Train your body and muscles to memorize the perfect swing, perfect your timing. From the start of you back swing to the point of impact, should take the same time it takes to say: (Tee it high let it fly) or (Set it lose mother goose)

OK now you need the right mind set Golf is a mind game

It is not just a mind game; t is a game of honour: NO cheating, correct dress code.

On the Tee you must ensure you can clearly under all circumstances you can identify YOUR ball.  Mark your ball in a way that you will remember, show the ball to your partners on the first TEE and tell them the ball type a number. Always have spare balls in your bag that are marked in the same way.

On the tee give your playing partners plenty of space, never talk when a player is preparing to take his shot.

Keep an eye on your partners ball follow the flight in the air and remember a land mark close to where it lands.   This makes it easy to find the ball and speeds up the game.

If it is a good shot it is nice to comment well played great shot.

Chances are they will do the same for you.

We told you in the earlier lessons how to prepare, to be at the course it good time, to study the course lay out, if it is a new course you have never played before then go to the club house and purchase a course map with the layout plan, take time to check each hole, all the hazards, water, bunkers, heavy rough, trees. Plan to play from tee to green the easy route. Tee to Fairway—–Fairway to green, miss all the hazards.

If you have been taking the lessons the by now you should have spent time on the range perfecting your swing.  You should also have a pre-shot routine that you follow prior to every shot.

But to re-cap we are going to go over that again now you are about to embark on 18 holes of golf.

Research carried out over a two year period, working with some of the worlds best players, has provided some interesting facts related to the few minutes prior to playing their shot, and the changes that take place while they take the shot. Based on the known fact that we ALL have two sides to our brain one side for serous high level concentration, the other side is for happy relaxed natural no tension let your body take over thinking With the pro player their concentration level is very high during the pre-shot routine; it peaks for approximately 10 second while at address,  Even so they never freeze over the ball, they waggle the club which is a signal to the brain, once they start their back swing the brain switched to natural let it happen mode, they depend on muscle memory to produce he natural swing, with the perfect timing balance and club head speed. They have developed every golfers dream a natural swing which they can repeat every time with out even thinking.

We are going to teach you the principles of a set pre-shot- routine.  This is not cast in stone you can use your own version. When playing a new course try to obtain the course plan well ahead of time, you need to study it, and in your mind visualize  , see each hole in your minds eye, try to memorize all the hazards, there will be common features, off the tee the hazards will be set at average driving distance 230-240 yards, that could be water, fairway bunkers,  make a note you may decide to take a three wood of the tee and lay up short of the hazard, or you may be confident your can carry the hazard. Play safe, if you can play tee to fairway- – fairway to green then you will shoot a low score. Study each hole in turn; know the distance of each par three. All par three holes have guarding hazards, know where they are. Par five holes, off the tee you need a long drive, but your first consideration is to select the target area within your range that will afford you the best second shot to the green.  Refer to a previous lesson Re: Being prepared and getting to the course in good time, if you followed those instructions you will NOW be ready to step up on the first tee.

Your pre–shot-routine

Which must be practised until it is second nature.

Determine your optimum target area, and the correct distance from the tee.  Taking into account all these factors

Hazards: Water, bunkers, trees, heavy rough, out of bounds.

Wind direction from behind, wind against, swirling.

Is the fairway narrow or wide? are there fairway bunkers. how strong is the wind. You are going to swing with timing, balance, tempo, rhythm.

Remember ( Tee–it –high–let -it -fly) the time it takes you to say that is the time it takes from the start of your back swing to point of impact with your ball. Keep your eyes fixed on the ball, do NOT look up until the ball is in flight.

Now select the correct club, you should know the distance with your three wood, on average 200 yards, driver 220-230 yards depending on the wind and ball selection.

Now select precisely where to place your tee, it needs to be positioned to give you a direct line to your target.

Your tee MUST to be the correct height, so the ball is level with the sweet spot on your club.

Now step back behind the ball line it up with the target, the logo on the ball can be adjusted like a rifle sight to point to the target.

Step back behind the ball check the target line. Maybe select an old divot a short distance ahead which is in line with your target, aim to hit the ball over this marker. Take a relaxed practice swing.

Step up to the ball. Arms and club stretched out in front of you, slowly bend fore-ward from the hips until the club touches the ground behind the ball. Take your stance the width of your shoulders. Feet aligned slightly left of the target, check your grip, do not grip the club too tight. Pressure =same as squeezing a tube of tooth past you are now ready to take the shot. Take one last look at the target, deep breath relax no tension in the arms, just think rhythm and timing, keep your eyes fixed on the ball. Do NOT freeze over the ball waggle the club, push back low a smooth with the left arm your upper body starting to turn, DO not sway back, only the upper body turning (SET IT LOSE MOTHER GOOSE)

That is your tempo.  Pull down with the left arm in control keep your head down eye fix on the ball hit right through the ball the club staying low and in line with the target.

Key objective to teach your mind and body to synchronize

Maintain balance, smooth transfer of weight from right to left follow though, DO NOT LOOK UP UNTIL THE BALL HAS GONE

Once you have swing which smooth natural and you can repeat it

Every time then you will be a single handicap golfer.

OK now you have played from the tee: For example you should have checked your score card or course may and know all the details about this hole.  For the basis of this lesson we will assume it is:

Notice left arm straight, eye on the ball, hit through the ball not at the ball. Your divot should be the under te ball NOT before you reach the point of impact: This is from the program the perfect golf swing. More about this program once you have mastered the basics

Par four- with an index of seven – (Index 7 indicates that the hope is the seventh hardest hole on the course)

Par 4 means that a really good golfer will only take four shots from tee to green including putting— ball in the hole.

Hole will be on average 430 yards tee to green.

Now we take you on this imaginary hole:

Your tee shot we hope has gone 200yards straight and landed on target in the centre of the fair way.

Now relax stroll down the course with your fellow golfers.  Listen to the birds.

(First course rule you must obey) Check the position of the balls, yours and your playing partners.  The player that has longest shot to the green plays first. Again watch where their ball lands. They will appreciate your help and in turn do the same for you which means you do not have the the urge to lift your head to see where your ball is going.

Your turn to play, you should have gone through your pre-shot routine.

Once you know the distance to the green, which in this case is 230 yards.  Your best play is to lie up. (E.G. not go for the green it is to far)  So select a club for 150 yards. Should be a 5 Iron or a fairway metal 5, select your target area and go through your pre-shot routine, then with a positive mind set make your swing. (Keep your head down until after impact) your ball should land about 80 yards from the green.

OK nice easy stroll, to your ball, follow the rules, make sure you do not play out of turn and you are playing YOUR ball.

80 yards that should be a pitch wedge.  Your pre-shot routine needs a little more now, you need to check the contours of the green, you are trying to get as close to the flag as possible.  However if the green slopes back to the flag you could choose to land the ball on the green behind the flag and let it roll back towards the hole – but the risk is leaving a down hill putt which is always tricky. Most play will play to leave a up hill putt much easier to judge the speed. Go back to lesson three checks how to play that perfect pitch shot. You are aiming to land the ball on the green and roll up close to or in the hole.

Well we have covered –the 400+ yards and now you are on the green in three!! WOW that would be well cool, yes soon you will do that even be on the green in two.

On the green looks easy, not so you can drop shots three putt. So take your time.

On the green you are permitted to mark your ball, you do that by placing a marker or small coin directly behind your ball, you can the pick you ball up clean it and put it back in the exact spot, take the opportunity to line the  logo up with the target area you are going to aim for.

Why do I say the target area rather than the hole, because on most green the hole will be positioned with contours all around, which is why we stress how important it is to parties putting, learn to read the greens judge the speed. On long putts speed is the main factor. (We have a saying never up never in) for the ball to have any chance of going in it MUST reach the hole, if you ball does roll by – if it is 18 inch past the hole you had your weight  speed about right, but you line was slightly off, (take more care reading the greens)

Never mind you gave it a chance and now have just a short putt to make a boggie

Well let’s re-cap again.   Putting was included in previous lesson.

(It is the secret to good golf)    So it is well worth reviewing again.

Stand feeling comfortable. Keep your lower body perfectly still NO leg movement.

Check the line and contours of the green.

To prevent misalignment study the green very carefully. Your brain now has many calculations to consider, is the putt up hill or down hill, will it turn from right or from the left this depends on the contours of the green at what point will it start to turn, if it turns from right to left — then just how far right must I aim to ensure the ball drops in the hole.

Also consider the distance, length –amount of weight played is often more important than the correct line- you never want to three putt. On a long putt imagine a big bowl is the hole and you are aiming to get it in the bowl that way you will either get it in the hole or very close, at worst leaving your self a tap in putt

Short putts do not ground the putter head.

Ensure your club-face is square to the target, the target is not always the hole it is a point on the green where the ball will start to turn, or run away down hill.

PUTTING IS THE MOST IMPORTANT element in the game of golf – average of TWO on every green, if you are three putting then you will lose every game

Head and eyes directly over the ball do keep your head and body perfectly still, NO movement in the legs.

Keep your back swing smooth. Rock the shoulders arms moving in a pendulum like motion.

Take the putter back only a short distance and then accelerate towards the ball keeping the putter blade going through smooth and square in line with the target.

DO NOT LIFT your head until the ball is well on its way, on short putts you should hear the ball drop in the hole, not see it.

Practice your putting every chance you get, make your practice a challenging game, place six ball in a circle 2 yards away from the hole putt each one in turn you can not go on to the next stage until you putt every ball in succession.

Next place one ball two paces from the hole and another ball every two paces from the first ball, putt the first ball then the second till all six are in the hole, this will implant the correct weight needed related to the number of paces the ball is from the hole

Long putts:

This a long putt, you need to just make contact with the ball when your putter head is slightly rising this creates roll which in turn keeps your ball on line

On a long putt hold the putter gently. It helps to point the logo on the ball in line with the hole or direction of play.

On long putts you can break the wrists on the back swing, also on the follow through this should give more feel.

Ball position opposite left instep this will ensure you brush the ball with a rising blow then the ball spins head over toe which help it stay on line.

Practice for long putts:

To develop a feel for weight needed, to ensure the ball travels the correct distance; this takes a lot of practice.

To train your mind you need to practice.  With the ball a set distance from the hole.

To do this on a flat green place at row of balls starting with one pace from the hole – then a ball every pace back to 15 paces. Start with the first ball, then putt each ball in turn.

Then when you play this will teach you to think in terms of how many paces the ball is from the hole.

In your mind add one pace for up hill; – take one pace off for down hill.

Practice long putts with just your right hand this will give you the feeling of the rolling ball.

You could also try to putt with your eyes closed this will enhance your senses and help you develop the touch and feel required to judge just how hard you need to stroke the ball for varying distances to the hole

Speed will take the turn out of the putt, you need to be confident of your line sure that you can place the ball dead centre of the hole then you can putt with pace, most players elected to play a slow ball and judge the amount of turn required. Practice both once you decide which method gives you the best average, and then always play that way.

Practice PUTTING as often as you can certainly in Preference to hitting ball after ball on the range,

Putting is the most important element in golf,

If you have a good short game and can putt, combined with good course management, you can play in the mid eighties.

Putting is the one element in golf that gives you the opportunity to develop your game to another level.

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