Lesson 6 Golf: Long drives more distance

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LESSON 6: Long Irons, More distance with your driver:

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By Eric Jones the World Long Distance Champion. Videos,

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Home of the 2010 Ryder Cup. It was great. We can not take sides because we have members world wide, and thousands from the UK and the USA, however we do live in Wales. And play at the Celtic Manor it was amazing.

Long Irons:
Long Irons often the best choice for your second or third shot, and on the par three holes off the tee, refer to the yardage chart for distance you could expect to attain with each club the higher number should give you more distance.
For example your 6 iron should give you an accurate shot with a distance of 155 yards, the degree of difficulty increase the *LOWER the number. Three irons will give you 180 yards; with a lot of practice will be straight and long.
Most average club players prefer to use a five wood for this distance, professionals always use the irons.
Before you select your club check the distance, this can be the actual yardage to the flag, or the distance that will give you the ideal shot to the green. If it is too far to reach the green from the fairway, most good players prefer to lie up to their best distance. (You can expect to play go shot to the green with a pitching wedge from 100 yards out)
Do not forget to allow for cross winds; also make adjustments for the lie of the ball. E.g. slopes,rough grass.

Refer to your yardage chart; select the club for the distance. Select the club that allows you to make your normal full swing. No matter what the distance is your swing tempo remains the same every time, the club selection controls the loft and distance.
Long Irons continued
Go through your Pre-shot routine.
Check Stance, balance, and grip.
A square set up is ideal for solid contact. Make sure stance and shoulders remain square.
Your ball should between your left heel and the middle of your stance. Rule of thumb says as the number on the club gets higher the ball moves further back in your stance.
Clubface set square to the ball and in line with the target.
Club and hands must be taken back smoothly in one piece. Feel the club it is an extension of your arms.
Take the club back smoothly, low and in line with the target until it is past your right foot, then allow to arc up and around your body.
Make full upper body turn, left shoulder turning underneath your chin. Left arm kept straight
With a good shoulder turn your wrists will cock naturally.
Start the down swing 1—-2 pull down with left arm, butt of the club pointing to the ball, right arm close to your body, do not allow your wrists to break until they are below belt level. It is important that the left arm stays in control. Do not let the strong right arm force the shot.
The club must return on the same line, point of impact being exactly the same as it was that address, head still eyes focused on the ball, hit through the ball in line with the target, your wrists rotating, as you follow through. Your key objective is to maintain perfect balance smooth easy swing the weight transferring on the down swing from right to left, with the rhythm tempo and timing. IF YOU ARE LOSING YOUR BALANCE then you are swinging too hard and to fast
Fairway Woods:
Most club players now carry a three, five and seven woods. Or the new recovery hybrids can be used on the fairway and in the light rough.
Fairway woods need a smooth sweeping swing, you just brush the grass.
On your practice swing make sure the club is brushing the grass just before point of impact with the ball.
Double-check your yardage, as recorded on the practice range. You can get the distance with the fairway woods, and for your second shot on a par five are usually a good choice.
Fairway woods can also be used to play out of fairway bunkers. You use the same sweeping swing, bushing the sand and picking the ball cleanly of the top of the sand. Do not use if you are close to a high edge on the bunker, use a lofted iron even a sand wedge and play back onto the fairway. Heroics in fairway bunkers cost shots play safe.
Your three wood or five wood can also be used on a long Par three, again be sure of your yardage; go through your pre-shot routine, only this time you allow for the contours of the green, study which way the ball will run when it lands, if the flag is on the edge of the green or close to a hazard sand or water then aim for the centre of the green.
Also check the wind look at the flag to see the wind direction, and the high trees will give you indication of wind strength, only your judgement can tell how much right or left you need to aim. If the wind is against you allow one extra club, if the wind is from behind you then consider one less club. Tee the ball low, play as a normal tee shot. Do not swing hard maintain the same rhythm and timing smooth take-away, head down follow through, do NOT look up until the ball has gone
At address, keep most of your weight on right foot. Maximize coil and keep body relaxed with
a light grip. Widen your stance, with left toe pointed out. Tee ball high and hit it with an ascending blow. Use a strong grip and light grip pressure. Waggle to relax muscles and rehearse hinging of right wrist. Hinge wrists fully at top of back-swing Maximize coil and get left shoulder and hip behind ball on back-swing.
To maximize coil, don’t lift left foot on back-swing. Be sure to complete the back-swing to put the club in the right position. Do not let your left arm bend at the top of the back-swing.
Start your down-swing by pointing the butt end of the club toward the
ball. Pull down with the left arm in control Relax arms, make a shallow approach, delay turning of shoulders on down-swing, let arms extend and pull shoulders into finish.
Accelerate the club slowly on down-swing. Rotate shaft through impact.
Try to generate maximum club head speed when the club head
passes the ball, not at or before impact.
Keep head and upper body behind ball throughout swing.
Try to keep your right heel on the ground longer on down-swing to
help keep your body back.
Hit the ball on the upswing. Hit through the ball in line with the target.
THIS NOT FOR the faint hearted. Not for beginners.
We have included this fun shot for the average club players to try.
This is where the fun comes in; this is innovative and does not work for every one. But if it does work WOW you can drive 300 yards every time.
We would never presume to tell single handicap players how to play golf, with text and photos there is a limit to teaching golf that is why we say we will do our best to learn players how to play in the eighties. We have attached some new ideas which have evolved from the new golf equipment, mainly the large driver.
It is up to you if you want to try and introduce these new elements into you game. We suggest some serious practice on the range before you include it in your game. TEE IT HIGH LET IT FLY is the swing for those who want to hit 300 yards plus. Paramount to every thing else:
Smooth swing, good balance, rhythm and timing, correct transfer of weight.
You must above all develop timing tempo, balance, to give you perfect transfer of weight from right to left, this will ensure a smooth powerful hit right through the ball in line with your target.
This WILL teach your mind and body to synchronize the key to a good swing is the same timing every time you swing. Once you have a repeat swing every time then you are a good golfer. – Envy of all your colleagues,
Normal speech!! My favourite saying is:
This the time it should take from the start of your back swing to the point impact on the down swing.
Most us how play with the latest driver they all have one thing in common large club heads, so we have become accustom to teeing the ball high in line with the sweet spot on you club.
The NEW 2010 Philosophy:

Most of us now play with the drivers that have the ultimate technology, with large heads and carbon fibre shafts. We would set our tees high to line up with the sweet spot on the club.
There is a current trend to tee up even higher in order to achieve more distance.
Pre- shot routine: Select a long tee, then tee you ball up 2″ high. Line the logo up with your target area. At address ensure that the ball lines up with the sweet spot on your driver, which in this case will mean your driver will not rest on the ground it will be hovering above the ground.
This is NEW! relax your wrists allowing the club head to fall to the ground
DO NOT WORRY- now it will not be in line with your ball, no problem, it should be in line with the toe of your club. Take a nice easy swing: Trust me the club will return on the correct line and impact will be bag on line with the hot spot on your club. Hit through the ball, the club should now feel like an extension of your arms, your swing will feel much easier. Perfect impact will give you amazing ball flight: Creating the perfect trajectory giving you more distance than you every believed possible.
Take care not to cast the club out to in path!!!! This will impart spin and that will result in a big slice. As we always tell you stay with the same temp nice easy swing with timing and balance.
We will be very interested to have your feedback on this concept with your reports on if it works for you.
We will test it and report the results.

Special Feature:  We say there is no magic formula by this is as close as it gets, ALL our coaches were impressed. It is quite simply the BEST.

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