Lesson 7 PGA rules of golf

Golf Guide for Beginner
LESSON 7 = Professional Golf Association  Rules of Golf.

Plus we have a very special Feature – 5 Keys to distance:

By Eric Jones the Long Distance World Champion. (At the end of this lesson)

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Learn to play by the rules: Boring? Yes but strange as it may seem golf is more fun when you and your fellow golfers play by the rules. Often if you know the rules you can quote from the book and use the rule to your advantage, this way saving stokes.
For instance there are rules that cover taking relief.
Rule 20- You may take relief ( move you ball) if you have landed in casual water, ground under repair, cart path, Even if moving your ball gave you a better shot to the green, or moved you away from another obstacle.
Rule 20-7 you can play a second ball at any time they you are in doubt as to the rules,
To Quote: When procedure for relief is in doubt, the player may take relief with one ball and play the other as it lies. The ruling can be given at a later time.
Rule 25 -You may take warranted relief should your ball land in a hole that has been burrowed by rabbits, birds, reptiles. This rule also includes ground under repair even if it not marked. If the green keeper has taken up grass or is replanting then you can take relief. •
Rule 25-2 – If your ball plugged deep in the grass you may lift, clean, and re-drop your ball no closer to the hole without penalty. This rule does NOT apply if you are in a hazard.
Note some times when the course is very wet the club will play pick and clean, then on the fairway you can mark your ball then lift and clean and replace. (This is a club rule that must be agreed by all players prior to the start of your round.)
Rule 23- Sand or soil leaves twigs (Loose impediments) can be removed from the putting green. This does not apply to the fairways.
Rule23-3 – You can move objects deemed to be man made, bottles, cans, food wrappers. But you can not move natural things like leaves, twigs, and stones.
Rule 24 – Water hazard stakes are considered obstructions and provided they are easy to move. They may be removed
And remember you are NOT permitted to ground you club in the bunker.
With regard to Hazards: If your ball is touching the hazard line it is deemed to be in the hazard.
If you are entitled to FREE relief you are only permitted one club length (Use your longest club your driver)
When you are taking relief with a penalty stoke then you are entitled to two club lengths
In earlier lessons we told you the importance of know your ball, first know the make and number on your ball, and we recommend that you also mark your ball with your own personal identification. Always check the ball BEFORE you play.
To hit the wrong ball is a 2 stroke penalty, and it really does upset the other player.
Rule 15 hitting the wrong ball from deep rough or hazards do not incur a penalty because you are not allowed to touch your ball when identifying it inside the hazard.
In normal club play you may borrow a ball from a competitor providing it does not delay play, or in any way interfere with normal play.
Etiquette includes respecting the golfers you are playing with and those who are playing in front or behind you. Please be on your best behaviour on the course and not to upset or offend any other golfers. Later in the course we will cover etiquette and dress code again. We have stressed the importance of playing by the rules NEVER cheat, golf is a game of trust and honour, earn the respect of you fellow club members by following the rules related to golf and course etiquette. Then you will always have friend’s colleagues who are happy to play with you.
In the first lesson we did mention the basics related to different games.
Clearly stroke play is the main game. It used for most competitions and to adjust handicaps. And allow you to play with a low handicap player and both have the same chance of winning.
The next most popular Game: Match play
Match Play games are golf competitions in which players go head to head on each hole individually rather than final score. In match play each hole is a game on its own great fun. Because unlike stoke play if you have a really bad hole OK you lose that hole but it is only one hole it is still game on because the winner is the player who wins the most holes NOT who has the lowest score.

Now some jokes:
Golf: If you watch the game, it is fun
If you play the game, it is recreation
If you work at it, it is golf
Mystery of golf, you cannot lose an old golf ball.
Handicap: an allocation of strokes that permits golfers of different ability to play equally poorly on the same course
Hole-in-one: when the ball is hit from the tee directly into the hole with a single shot by a golfer playing alone
Real golfers go to work to relax.
A bad day at golf is better than a good day in work.
My expensive new clubs do not seem to know any more about the game than my old ones.
Golf is like a love affair, if you take it too seriously, it breaks your heart.
If it goes right, it is a slice if it goes left it is a hook if it goes straight it is a miracle.
The worst you play, the better you remember the occasional good shot.
On the range, you have the opportunity to make the same mistakes repeatedly and then they become part of you game.
Practice Tee: The place where golfers go to convert a nasty hook into a wicked slice.

The secret of missing a tree is to aim straight at it.
My golf is improving; today I hit the ball in one
Son show your mother what I taught you, the son took a nine-iron cursed and hurled it into the air
I was playing ten, with 35” putt. “How does this one break?” my caddie said, “who cares”?
Golfer: You must be the worst caddie in the world Caddie: No sir, we could not have a coincidence like that.
Golfer: Perhaps you will not believe it but I once did this hole in one. Caddie: Stroke or day Sir?
Golfer: I have never played is bad before. Caddie: You have played before??
Just how childlike golf players become is proven by their inability to count past five

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