Lesson 12 Golf is a mind game stay in the zone

Mind game learn to focus and stay in the zone

Home of the 2010 Ryder Cup. It was great. We can not take sides because we have members world wide, and thousands from the UK and the USA, however we do live in Wales. And play at the Celtic Manor it will be amazing.

Eighty percent of the questions we receive ask how we can get more distance.

Well for ALL those members we have a very special feature From Eric Jones the World Long Drive Champion, it is quite simply the best we have seen   Amazing.  Check out the introduction at the bottom of this page.

These are the same golfers who go out every week and never break a 100.
The only way you will lower your scores and play in the low eighties? You must master the short game and putting,
You need to work on pitching, chipping, bunker play and putting. Spend hours learning the short game. Practice putting every opportunity you get.
Learn to play the percentage game, if bump and run is the safe play and will get you close to the flag then that the shot you play.
Mind set once you see the results of your hard work and practice you will be confident and believe you can play the shots that land close to the hole, then just one putt, do it, you will see the incredible impact the short game made on your scores.
This lesson we will stay with the concept of visualizing each shot. Deal with the way to play each shot as if you were really on the course.
We do not intend to recap on everything we have say in previous lessons 1-11 if you have not read them then please start from lesson one if they are to basic for your game then by all means skip though to lesson 3 or 4. Please do NOT under-estimate the importance of the basics and fundamentals’ of golf: If you have been following the course then certain elements of the game should now form part of your game plan and be second nature: Example: Pre-shot routine.
So if you have not read the earlier lessons may we respectfully suggest you do that first and when you have mastered all those essential elements of your game, you will be ready for this lesson?
Lesson 12 you are on the tee hole four= a long par five, 515 yards from the members tees.
Index 7 (Degree of difficulty)
(Note competition tees are the back tees) Most average club members play from the tee box 15 to 20 yards in front of the competition tees. If you are a club member and play in the monthly medal then you may play from the back tees, your handicap maybe based on the playing from the back tees.
Golf is one of the few games that all players start with and the same opportunity to win. The handicap system is designed to favour the high handicap players. Example you are drawn to play with a very good play that has a handicap of six. You have a handicap of twenty eight; you now have twenty two shots advantage. You have far more chance to improve your score than they have of playing to a handicap of six. Play to your handicap and you will win for sure.
OK we assume you have come prepared.
You are on the tee,
1 Pre-shot routine √
2 Checked the hazards √
3 Selected your target area. √

Learn to focus, get in the zone.
Golfers with a strong mental game realize that the present is
all that they can control. (Forget your bad shot)
Learn to play in the present without dwelling the bad shots.
Realize the power of just being in the moment with the
full intention and expectation to play a good shot, once a good player
Has gone through his pre-shot routine, they address the ball and concentrate
For just 10 seconds, one they start the back swing they switch to natural swing the one they use every time for that shot, they play on instinct and trust their subconscious or and muscle memories to make it happen for them.
Learning to play in the present on instinct requires time and
effort. That is why experience is such a priceless commodity.
Because when all else fails, the truth emerges from one’s
experiences if you are honest with yourself. By training your
mind to play in the present, you can shorten the time required
to experience the power of being free to play on instinct and
in the zone. Unfortunately, many golfers never learn to stop
dwelling on their past and future outcomes.
The trick to being in the present is to allow yourself to learn
from the feedback each shot provides without your ego being
involved in the outcome. By being honest about your present
mechanical, strategic, physical and mental limitations, you
will increase your awareness of what you can do to improve your
present abilities. Then, it becomes a question of how strong
your desire is to make the necessary changes or adjustments to improve.
You are on an elevated tee there is a large lake directly in front, the carry to clear the water is 170 yards. (Intimated) NO because you know that you can drive the ball 220 yards.
With that positive thought in mind, place your tee and ball in the optimum position between the tee boxes. That will give you a direct line to your target area.
The water is there but it is not in play, so NO need to change your swing you are going to swing with the same timing and rhythm / tempo as always.
Pre-shot routine, off the tee, select your target on the fairway, which will determine your club selection and where you place your tee, having selected your club will determine the height of your tee (Ball needs to be level with the sweet spot on club)
Place the ball on the tee, step back and line the logo on the ball up with the spot you are aiming for, visualize the shot in your mind, take a nice easy practice swing which needs to be the precisely the way that you intend to play the actual shot, with that swing in mind both tempo and balance step up to address, ball in line with your left foot, stance the width of your shoulders, correct grip V pointing to your right shoulder, knees flexed weight on the balls of your feet, bend fore from the waist your club should come to rest directly behind the ball ( 32” from your toes)
Take the club back with your left arm pushing low smooth and slow as it pasts your right foot you should have start your upper body turn, make a full turn, KEEP the left arm straight, when the at the top of your back swing the club must not drop it now should be pointing towards the target, start to turn back with your right hip moving upper body and arms turning, pull down with the straight left arm (Left arm in control DO not allow the strength the your right arm to take over) Club returns on the same path as your take away, KEEP your head down eyes firmly fixed on the back of the ball until it disappears, hit through the ball keep your arms fully extended right through impact concentrate on a low follow through in line with the target. With timing tempo perfect balance your weight should have transferred from right to left, your upper body fully turned weight on the left foot, buckle on your belt facing to the target. Now you can watch the ball fly straight over the water to your target.
OKnow relax and stroll around the lake and to your ball sitting nicely in the centre of the fairway.
Look for the yardage markers on the course, the blue marker normally indicates 200 yards from the flag, your drive 220 yards – leaves you a very long shot to the green 295 yards. (Not an option) select a safe target area100 yards from the green. You now have an easy shot 195 yards, which will be your 3 wood (metal).
Same pre-shot routine, then check the target area make sure there are no hazards.
Green side bunkers – not in range, wind –flag is fluttering tops of the trees are swaying so there is wind from the left. Step back behind the ball line it up with the target area, if you can line it up with an old divot that’s a few yards in front of your ball it helps.
Take a practice swing push back low to the ground, take away in line with the target until pasted the outside of your right foot, allow your wrists to cock naturally keep your head still eyes fixed on the back of the ball left arm straight full turn, weight transferring from left to right, DO NOT LEAN your upper body turns square, start your down swing with your right hip turning, followed by the upper body ,pull down with the left arm, club returning on the same line reaching the point of impact exactly the same as it was at address.
To achieve consistent solid contact with the ball you must ensure the ball is in the correct position related to your stance.
With your three wood: now at metal that will be in line 2 inches back from the inside of your left foot.
You need a high level of concentration as you prepare to take your shot. But just for a few seconds.
Do NOT freeze over the ball
When you start your back swing relax and switch into relaxed happy mode try to move with the balance timing and rhythm of a good dancer. One –piece takeaway, push back with your left hand low and smooth in line with the target, turn fully, coil your upper body against the resistance of the lower body, keep the right knee flexed, left arm straight, complete the back swing, make a smooth transition, pull down with the left hand, butt pointing to the ball, open up your hips to the target on the down swing, keep your head still and behind the ball, hit through the ball, rotate your wrists, extend your arms towards the target, good transfer of weight and balance.
Develop feel; the club needs to feel just like an extension to your arms, Swing with rhythm- timing.
Looking up on the down swing:
Many feel that this is the number one mistake that golfers make.
Being to keen to see where your shot is going, you begin to look up during the downswing and before the club face makes contact with the ball. This moves the body, which misaligns the swing path. To overcome this problem,
Keep arms fully extended through impact, Concentrate on a low follow-through. Wait until you see the ball “disappears” before taking
your eyes away from it.
Main objective is timing tempo, relaxed natural swing with light grip.
Pull down with the left arm; do not let the strong right arm force the shot.
DO NOT swing like a mad axe man,
Keep left side firm with left knee bent through impact.
Swing through the ball, not at it.
Keep arms fully extended through impact.
With all that instruction you must have played a great shot 200 yards in the centre of the fairway.
You are now feeling confident you will be on the green in regulation.
Approach you ball, then check the contours of the green where you what to land your ball, the flag /hole is set close to the edge of the green, with a deep bunker behind the green.
You decide the safe play is to go for the centre of the green,
(Then you make the mistake, you do not trust your club) so instead of your pitching wedge you play a nine iron, you stood over the ball with negative thoughts, you swing to hard and look up and they top the ball and it flies way over the flag and drops in the bunker.
(Are you crazy?) OK you now face a deep bunker shot, the green slopes away from the bunker, little or no room to land the ball.
We have covered this shot before – you should know how to play this shot but lets remind you:
Green Side Bunkers:
OK let’s go back to visualization: How a green side bunker shot should be played. Imagine in your mind’s eye you are in the swimming pool splashing your children with the palm of your hand then simulate that same action only with your sand wedge.
Study the pro-players on TV take note of how they have the face open and, their stance, look closely how they play the shot hitting the sand 2” before the ball and playing right through the shot with confidence.
OK NO negative thoughts, you are going to land the ball on the green and it will roll into the hole.
Look over the edge of Bunker –study the contours of the green, select the spot where the ball must land, to roll into the hole. Keep this image in your mind.
Set up with open stance, aligned your feet left of the target, wiggle feet till well set down in the sand. (For two reasons – first it tells you how soft the sand is –second it gives you a firm base for your swing.)
Select your sand wedge or 60 degree wedge open the club-face; Ball forward in your stance.
Stance open to the target, swing the club along your body-line so the club head approaches the ball on an out to in swing path.
Aim the club face to impact in the sand 2″ behind the ball, do not quit on the
Shot play right through with confidence. You should be watching your ball
Float into the air and land softly on green. *** But no you again get it wrong and hit to close to the ball this time it flies out and lands in the first cut grass 10 yards from the green.
So you are now playing your forth shot and not on the green, why because you lost you focus did not trust the loft on your club landed in a deep bunker, yes. Then cock up your bunker shot. NOW you wish you had practised bunkers shots. Recap:
Golfers with a strong mental game realize that the present is
all that they can control. (Forget your bad shot)
Learn to play in the present without dwelling the bad shots.
Realize the power of just being in the moment with the
full intention and expectation to play a good shot.
Do NOT forget to rake the bunker.
Ok you are now back fully focused. What can you do to recover?
Play a percentage shot: How to play a bump and run shot.
First you will note that when we talk about distance on the green it is easier to refer to paces:
Bump and Run, ever since Tiger Woods played a three wood like a putter from the edge of the green, in the US open; there has been a change in every ones game.
Bump and run is a low risk shot, but still need practice to develop touch and feel.
The basic guide lines are simple. It is a putting stoke with an Iron.
Philosophy: Select a club with sufficient loft to carry the ball over the rough on to the green with momentum and roll to reach the hole taking into account all of the contours on the green in the same way you would for a long putt ,
The more rough grass there is: The higher the number on the club: Some examples:
If the Flag is 18 paces from the edge of the green and the rough is three paces, take your five iron, take it back like a long putting stroke —in line with target (e.g. the spot on the green where you intend to land the ball, which for this shot 6 paces onto the green, with the correct weighted shot the ball will roll the remaining 12 paces to the hole – and IN.
The other end of the scale: 18 paces from the flag to the edge of the green, and 12 paces of rough then use your eight iron ( More loft to clear the extra rough grass)
Take the club back in line with the target, eyes fixed on the ball, do not look up, hit through the ball in line with the target, which for this shot is 12 paces onto the green, the ball will land and roll up gently into the hole.
You need to practice using the same basic principles with each club 4 Iron to 9 Iron,
It is not magic; it does still take a lot of practice to perfect.
But the short game is the key to low handicap and good golf.
Important make up your mind on the shot required: NO negative thoughts, take the correct stance, one last look at the target area, head down and play the shot, positive thinking in the hole.
OK back to your forth shot you are 12 yards from the edge of the green
(Approximately 12 paces) The flag / holes another 18 paces from the edge of the green. You use your eight iron the ball lands mid-way between the edge of the green and the hole roll up very close to the hole leaving a tap in putt.
You scrambled a six. With the correct weighted shot the ball will roll the remaining.

Special Feature:  We say there is no magic formula by this is as close as it gets, ALL our coaches were impressed. It is quite simply the BEST.

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