Quick tip: Hook

Cure your hook :

First check you’re grip the V in each hand should point over your right shoulder (Assuming you are right handed). If your grip is correct and you are still hooking then try changing your grip by moving both hands to the left.90% of Pro Players use the Interlock Grip.

Always check your grip, as above. The club is an extension of your arms, learn to feel the shot. Grip not to tight – just like the same as squeezing a tube of tooth paste. Check you stance your feet and shoulder must be in line with your target. Go through your pre-shot routine, visualize your target. Keep that in mind; take one last look just before you start your back swing. Check the ball position it with your driver it needs be in line with your left heel and 32 ins away from your toes, if it is placed to far back in your stance it produces an in to out swing path. Pull down with the left arm; make sure your left arm is in control at impact, if your strong right wrist takes over it will close the club face too soon. On the down swing start by turning your upper body and legs this will prevent your wrists unhinging and closing the club-face to soon.

Key objective to return the club to the point of impact in line with the target, hit through the ball not at it, do not rotate the wrists to early, do not look up until the ball has gone. Hit through to ball in line with your target.

Golden rule timing balance rhythm, nice easy natural swing. DO NOT swing like a mad Lumpur jack. To keep your timing balance rhythm and tempo:

Say: Tee it high let it fly that is the time it should take from start of back swing to impact with the ball. Keep that head down.

Note: Golden Rule

Everything in the swing depends on fundamentals. Get the basics right at address this month we are featuring your complete guide to building (or re-building) a better game. Whether you’re new to golf or have played for years, you will score your best with a solid foundation.

Distance, long and straight you need to make impact with your club-head approaching the ball on a level to slightly upward path. Trust the loft of the club to help launch the ball on the on the correct flight path and with the optimum amount of backspin. Your club needs to return to point of impact in line with your target and level with the ground. That’s the angle of approach you must attain with your driver off the tee. If you swing down with your driver too steeply, making contact with a descending blow. You will send the ball sky high and no distance, and if you hit the ball too much on the upswing, chances are you will top the shot. Stay level through the swing.

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