Quick Tip: Approach Shot to the green

10: Approach shots to the green

Long Irons often the best choice for your second or third shot, and Par- three holes off the tee, refer to the yardage chart for distance you could expect to attain with each club the LOWER number should give you more distance.

For example your 6 iron should give you an accurate shot with a distance of 145 yards.

One of the ways I recommend to keep you timing and tempo. Keep this saying in mind:
Normal speech!! My favourite saying is:

The degree of difficulty increases the *LOWER the number on the club. (Lower the number gives you less loft).

Three irons will give you 175 yards; with a lot of practice will be straight and long. Most average club players prefer to use a three wood for this distance, professional nearly always use the irons because they have a smooth repeatable swing and they or their caddies know the exact distance they can achieve with that particular club.

Most us how play with the latest top of the range driver , they all have one thing in common large club heads, so we have become accustom to teeing the ball high in line with the sweet spot on you club.

You need to practice on the range, maintain a nice easy smooth swing with balance timing and tempo, and hit five balls with each club, record the distance of each ball then divide the total by five and that is the average distance for that club.

With wedges that is a different technique, at the academy we teach on the principle of the clock face, that way your muscle memory can record the correct swing for the distance you need the ball to travel, the short pitch or chip shots needs soft hands, feel and touch.

Many golfers now play with the new hybrid (Iron-wood) which can promote higher more accurate shots.

Before you select your club check the distance, this can be the actual yardage to the flag, or the distance that will give you the ideal shot to the green. If it is too far to reach the green from the fairway or has hazards then most good players prefer to select a target that leaves them their best distance to the flag. (You can expect to play a good shot to the green with a pitching wedge from 100 yards out).

Do not forget to allow for cross winds; also make adjustments for the lie of the ball. E.g. slopes rough grass etc.

Refer to your yardage chart; select the club for the distance. Select the club that allows you to make your normal full swing. No matter what the distance is your swing tempo remains the same every time, the club selected will control the loft and distance. Trust the club always no negative thoughts be confident and positive.

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