Quick Tip: Looking up

6 Looking up before impact with the ball:

This is the number one mistake that golfers make. Being too keen to see where your shot is going, you begin to look up during the down-swing and before the club-face makes contact with the ball. This moves the body, which misaligns the swing path.

How I overcome this problem?
During my pre-shot routine I place the ball on the tee will the logo lined up with the target.

At address I never freeze over the ball, I waggle the club to shake the any tension from my arms take one last look at the target, visualize the shot in my mind, take the club back smooth and low in line with the target, make a full turn, start my down swing with a movement of my right hip, pull down with the left arm butt of my club pointing at the ball till below my belt, now fully focused on the point of impact, I actual can see the club make impact with the ball. You really can train your eyes to see your club impact with the ball, the club should still be in line and prior to impact on level to slightly up ward plane. Trust your swing and the loft on your club, but ensure you remain focused on impact with the ball. Keep arms fully extended through impact, concentrate on a low follow-through.

With your own eyes you will see the ball — “disappear”. Main objective is timing tempo, relaxed natural swing with light grip. Pull down with the left arm; do not let the strong right arm force the shot. DO NOT swing like a mad axe man, keep left side firm with left knee bent through impact. Swing through the ball, not at it. Make sure your arms fully extended through impact.

Rotate your wrists / hands hit through the ball in line with the target If you are battling with a lack of distance, one of the first things you should concentrate on is releasing your hands through the ball correctly. Make sure that your forearms are close together at impact, and after impact, your forearms should be crossed as you make your full follow through. This will ensure are not making a block shot it will help with the slice, and will do wonders for your distance. If you are losing balance then you are for sure swinging too hard and too fast.

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