Quick Tip: More Distance

More Distance


Go through your pre-shot routine. Check all the possible hazards, bunkers, water, out of bounds, and the distance to your target.

Select the optimum position within the tee box; tee the ball high so it lines up with the sweet spot on your driver. Line the logo up with the target.

Visualize the shot in your mind, the ball flying high and straight, landing right on target.

Keep that vision clear in your mind.

Your practice swing should pre-empt the swing you intend to make, which as always should be a smooth natural swing with tempo, timing, balance, rhythm.

At address:

Widen your stance, with left toe pointed out, 60% of your weight on right foot.

Place the ball in line with your left heel, and 32″ from your toes. Taken stance slightly left of target, bend from the waist till the club rests behind the ball.

Use a strong grip and light grip pressure. Waggle the club to relax muscles and rehearse hinging of right wrist.

Take a last look at the target, and then fix your eye on the ball. No tension, your arms forming a triangle, push back with your left arm low and in line with the target.

Maximize coil and keep body relaxed with a light grip. Hinge wrists fully at top of back-swing.

Maximize coil your left shoulder and hip behind ball on back-swing. Try not to lift left foot on back-swing.

Keep your left arm bend at the top of the back-swing. Start your down-swing by pointing the butt end of the club toward the ball. Pull down with the left arm in control Relax arms, make a shallow approach, delay turning of shoulders on down-swing, let arms extend and pull shoulders into finish. Accelerate the club slowly on down-swing. Rotate shaft through impact.

Try to generate maximum club head speed when the club head passes the ball, not at or before impact. Keep head and upper body behind ball throughout swing. Try to keep your right heel on the ground longer on down-swing to help keep your body back. Hit the ball on the upswing. Hit through the ball in line with the target.

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