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For many golfers in the UK, winter sadly means “off-season” from golf.  Courses are closed and many driving ranges shut down.

This is the perfect time to work on your game!  Kick start 2012 by working on your golf fitness. We would like to help you be a much better player in 2012.

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If you have been playing for years and still score 90+ then is may be time to re-construct your game – go back to fundamentals.  (We already have two FREE golf books that you can down load, that are written with high handicappers in mind)

Most young guns now focus on training in the gym they have personal trainers, I have had a few personal trainers, I would like to share the workout routine that gave me tremendous gains.

These training sessions concentrated on the Posterior Chain which includes your back muscles and hamstrings.  Like most pro golfers most of the motion in my golf swing was through my knee joints versus my hip joint.

Most coaches encourage using the hip to drive your swing, when they say hip they me use your right hip (If you are a right handed player) “There is no power in the golf swing without stability and balance”

Your down swing should be initiated by your right hip this creates power, stability, this gives you power and club head speed. When you start your down swing with your hip, also try to keep your right heel pushed into the grass, if you lift your heel you lose the coil spring torque effect and leak power.

If you use all arms and lash at the ball you will lose your balance and control.

Once you perfect the initiation of your down swing with your hip, you WILL develop a natural powerful swing generate more club head speed and drive it longer than ever before.

Learn – practise a powerful hip drive on the downswing and maintain balance you will be well on the way to lower scores.

Training in the gym:

There are many drills to build strength.  One of the most important is a proper squat.  It is imperative that you have a fitness professional evaluate your squat to ensure proper technique.

Most people have their weight on their toes through the squat putting a great deal of stress on the quadriceps.  The key is to move through the hip and have your weight on your heels throughout the squat

Another common fault in a squat is collapsing at the waist versus having an upright torso. You need to keep your eyes focused just above the horizon line throughout the squat to help maintain this position.

Finally, you want to feel the hamstrings through the duration of the squat.  Focus on using them on the descent and lift.

Start with just a bar and add weights as your technique improves.

Another great power and stability training exercise is the reverse grip bent over row.  You start by placing feet shoulder width apart or slightly narrower.  Start with just the bar and add weight as the technique becomes more familiar.

Palms are facing out and the upper body is at a 45 degree angle.  Focus on getting the back set first.  This means having a curvature in your spine not a flat lower back.

Next you want to engage the shoulder blades by feeling they are being pulled back and down.  A common fault is a shrugging motion with the shoulders verses pinching the shoulder blades back and down.  The path of the bar on the lift is at a 90 degree angle to the torso.

These are just two ways to develop stability, strength and speed to benefit the golf swing.  “Golf specific” strength training with medium weights, plus flexibility and general fitness with aerobics will produce far greater gains for a golfer’s performance.

Hit it hard in 2012!

As a bonus only to our members:  To start 2012 right   both for golf and health we will give you a free report:

(Just a foreword)

Our senior PGA instructor is quite amazing, in many ways.     

His Handicap (Playing from the competition tees) = 2

He runs the London marathon in under 4 hours and hill walking on Ben Nevis the highest mountain in the British Isles in 8 hours 42 minutes , and Mount Snowdon by the – Llanberis pass. Up 2 hours 49 minutes.  Down in 2 hour and 6 minutes

So what?  (Well that is amazing considering Ken is 76)    His quality of life and longevity are the envy of all the academy members and all the pro-coaches.

Free information on longevity: Staying young and youthful and extending your life


Ken will impart all the things in his life style that may have contributed to his longevity and staying young , all the things that most men his age can only dream about.

At an after dinner speech he was asked “What do you think about dying” Quote:  “I do not plan on going”

Up to the age of 40 Ken made John Daly look like a saint, then a major wakeup call, no not his heart. (You will read about it in his report because he is 100% certain that this is a major factor in his life even to this day)

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Pro-golf coach teaching golf at resorts world wide. Love travel and golf so I am very lucky to have the perfect job. As a female coach in the High to Low golf academy will be happy to teach beginners how to play golf, or do my best to help you improve your game Ascharapan LPGA ( Free Books and Coaching NO FEES just submit the form)
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