Pro golf FREE report: My longevity.

Let me say right from the off – This is free – there will be NO sales pitch or trying to sell anything. I was asked by the academy to write some notes on how I manage to stay fit and healthy.
Like the note in the pro-golf message said I am PGA golf instructor 76 years old.

My golf handicap (Playing from the competition tees is 2)

I run in the London marathon, spend a lot of time hill walking

My quality of life is all I could wish for

I cannot make any promises all I can do is to write a few notes on the element in my life that I truly believe have played a major part in my longevity. If it worked for me then it will help you to stay young and youthful and extend your life by 15 or 20 yearsNo one likes the thought of get old. “Aging” Is not a simple slope, which we all slide down; at the same speed, it is a flight of irregular stairs down which some journey more quickly than others.Ok cut to the chase what was the main changing point in my life?

Key objectives:To eliminate the main causes of ageing and unhappiness’ It has worked for me; you have nothing to lose and everything to gain:Benefit from my experience over the last 35 years. I had the good luck and fortune to benefit from the experience of a senior medical consultant, who was kind enough to impart in writing his life time of wisdom and experience. IF you really want to have a LONG LIFE with wealth and happiness then take a few minutes to read, how he helped me make this amazing transition. Believe me at the age of forty, my life was a mess, in debt, stressed, heavy drinking, and pending divorce, lost my PGA tour card. Poor health, three stone over weight, high blood pressure.Hated looking at my wrinkled face in the mirror, it generated the fear of getting old, I had made no provision for retirement, living alone, depressed.

Just take a few minutes of your valuable time to read the next few pages. It will be I your interest and will not cost you a cent. For the guys be super fit, athletic, muscular, strong, healthy, and virile. For the ladies beautiful, sexy, full of life with the confidence to have fun enjoy life to the full.

Above ALL: Healthy and content with life.  All the fore-mentioned are perceived by most as attributes associated with being YOUNG?  Not necessarily, I am super fit at 76 years old never been happier. Based on the turnaround in my life: Believe me “normal aging” physical and mental decline are not inevitable: I am aged 76 and can compete with guys half my age. My golf handicap 2, swim 20 lengths of the pool most mornings. Enjoy Golf, motor cross, mountain walking, surfing, diving, fishing, dancing, reading, music, making love with my beautiful wife. I love speed, drive the new BMW M5. We have homes in the Caribbean, Thailand, and UK. Life could not be better.

We recap: To the start of my amazing life style changes.     I am not claiming any overnight magic formal, but I can tell you what worked for me. If you are not prepared to make some radical, essential, fundamental, far-reaching changes to your life then, we would both be wasting our time.If you are, prepare to give it your best shot, get your mind set right and go for it then: The report will change your perspective on life; quite possibility will make an unbelievable change in your future.  If the dreams of your life are worth living, then live those dreams rigorously and passionately.Move from a life of dreaming and thinking to a life of passion and action. Maybe I am that someone who has traveled the road you want to follow.The motivational coach or mentor who has already been there done it: knows the pitfalls and problems, related to health and happiness.Wisdom remains a very special commodity a great natural resource that is undervalued, and almost totally untapped in doing what it’s meant for: guiding the young. It carries knowledge about strategies to manage the peaks and valleys of life. The way to deal with the future rests in an understanding of the past.  We will deal with all aspects of everyday life, will include ideas and options, some basic common sense and logical, some radical.Clarify what you want to do with your life. Get a vibrant, exciting, energetic life.Live with passion. Learn to deal with everything life can throw at you. A brief insight of the last 35 years:Take this opportunity of a new life.  I will provide all the help I can together with the ways and means to do it.However: You do need the WILL to do it not just the WISH to do it. Strange when you consider at 40 years of age I was 3 stone over weight, stressed, poor health, family problems, in debt, miserable.  Understandably my first wife left me for a young guy with a happy disposition. I was depressed and saddened by the fear of growing old developed morbid perceptions of how it would be, ugliness, ill health decrepitude, would relate to those old timers you see on holiday in a dazzling summer wear, hollow eyes glaring out of garish caps, skulls plastered with cosmetics, lean shanks tanned rich brown, bony buttocks. This could be defined as a general distaste for the elderly.

Fact: Fear of aging speeds the very decline we dread most. And it ultimately robs our life of any meaning. To young people, death is an abstract concept. But any one over the age of 30 face-to face with aging parents and illnesses like cancer and strokes, themselves newly –graying stare into their own mortality. Fear of aging is the single most powerful agent creating exactly what we fear. Fact: The current collective view of aging is so relentlessly negative that neither our social institutions nor the aging themselves believe that they are aging any better than their parents did. By age of 42 my health had deteriorated, was fat, lonely, miserable, dreary guy, at an all-time low.  Each day work was becoming harder, stress;  which in turn developed into a  real health problem, I became too weak to work was taken to hospital.The diagnosis was pernicious anemia, deficiency of B12. This fortunately is not life threatening, treatment 14 days in hospital.  The ward was a hive of activity; the nurse said that the senior consultant would be on the ward soon.  Some minutes later the doors opened and the consultant and his entourage entered, this guy could have been one of the royal family he clearly commanded the respect of all the staff. He had a presence, charisma, was tall athletic build, he was clearly held in high esteem by his peers. He took time to explain pernicious anemia gave assurance that with monthly injections of B12 I would be fine, and then in a casual way suggested that I should consider changing my diet and fitness levels. Later that evening was talking with the staff nurse and mentioned the conversation with the consultant, “Some guy young everything going for him” She gave a wry smile “how old do you think he is” “about my age 42-43”  “well you will be surprised to know he is actually 74 years old, he is unbelievable loves his work, very sporty, wins all the hospital authority golf competitions, plays tennis, never takes the lift always walks up the stairs and we are on level ten and he is not even out of breath”.

“That is amazing,”  That night I lay awake, they say that old men have dreams young men have visions, my vision was to transform my life from the sorry mess I was in to try and emulate the consultant. Suddenly my pessimistic view of being old had become optimistic, maybe it not so bad. Next time the consultant was on the ward, I told him that I had given a great deal of thought to his suggestion that I change my way of life.  With a smile he asked “what has brought this change of heart”  “Well to be perfectly honest it is you, I hope I am not speaking out of turn, but you are un-believable.”  “You mean for my age”.“Well yes you only look in your forties”  “Before you are discharged I will give you a copy my recommendations for improving your health and general wellbeing, and a plan for your new way of life” The next day his personal assistant delivered a comprehensive all-embracing set of documents which I thought would just relate to health and in a way they do, some directly others which impact on your whole life. Index listed; they are all closely interlinked and all have a serious impact of your health.  Once you deal with your problems in the correct sequence you will counteract the knock on effect. For example: Deal with debt –will relieve stress, Lower your stress levels this immediately improves your wellbeing,  soon you are optimistic, life starts to get better the smile is back on your face,  now you are ready to tackle your problems head on. No more ducking and diving, no more putting things off, you now have a vision of a new life full of fun and happiness.

NOT by drinking or spending money you do not have. One of your key objectives Take one step at a time in the RIGHT direction. once you are firing on all cylinders, the nice house and fast cars will come.  Set goals and key objectives. (We will give you the support and help you need)



  • Dealing with stress
  • Finance, debt
  • Family problems, drinking, pending divorce, children.
  • Work related problems.
  • General Health, Overweight, Tired, Lethargic
  • The fear of getting old , no provision for retirement, living alone.

From the age of 25 to 42 all of the fore-mention featured big time in my life.

The questions you need to ask yourself: Is the routine of my day simply what I am forced to do to survive

Is there anything in my daily routine that I enjoy doing?

What would I really like to be doing with my life?

Do you arise with excitement and joy to face the new day?

Or do you dread facing what is ahead of you that day?

As I said earlier there is no magic formal.

Get your mind- set right and then you can go for it:

If you need personal support and help then send me a concise report on the problems which are impacting on your life causing you worry and stress.  I will do my best to advice on what actions you need to take in order to: 

Clarify what you want to do with your life.

Get a vibrant, exciting/ energetic life. Live with passion.

Learn to deal with everything life can throw at you. Strive to eliminated elements in your life that are causing stress and unhappiness, then you can achieved contentment, and above all good health

Think about the following: People who are happier in their daily lives have healthier levels of key body chemicals happier people may have healthier hearts and cardiovascular systems, possibly cutting their risk of diseases like diabetes. “Perhaps laughter is the best medicine”. Happiness is every bit as important as other emotions, like anger or depression.”

“If we are feeling down it is because we concentrate on things that are bad or wrong, rather than good or right.”

The moral to that being: First we need to identify the problems in your life. To do that you first need to make an honest assessment of your life.  * Most important we only advice on everyday problems, if you are already receiving treatment or need to see your doctor please ensure that you continue your treatment or visit your doctor.  Our advice is based on wisdom and experience; (Been there done it) we do NOT have a PhD.

1)    Money, Debt, Reasons.

2)    Family problems, marriage, relationships, children.

3)    Health, over- weight, depression, stress (Are directly related to any of the aforementioned)

4)    Employment, pressure of work, location, no future, no prospects.

Most of the problems listed are inter-linked, you need to prioritize, e.g. decide which problem you deal with first.

Develop the correct mind set e.g. With the WILL and Determination to make it happen.

Break each element down.

Debts list all the contributing factors.

  1. Credit Cards, over spending on luxuries
  2. Heavy Drinking
  3. Smoking
  4. Gambling
  5. Fast Cars
  6. Flash spending to impress family or friends.
  7. Outgoings much higher than earnings.
  8. Change in circumstance, out of work, mortgage interest to high.

Family Problems:

Reserve at least half an hour a night, and at least one day a month, when you and your partner have time to yourselves. For that time, shed all responsibilities of the bills and the kids and just enjoy each other’s company.

Stop sniping and start listening! It’s all too easy to anticipate what the other person is going to say, and start getting irritated before they’ve uttered a word. So sit down, and give each other five minutes to air their grievances WITHOUT butting in. Really think about what they’re saying and be honest… do they have a point?


  1. It may be easier to talk to friends about your problems, but eventually you have to talk to the person you think is causing them – your partner! Letting things build up can poison a relationship, and before you know it you could have twisted things out of all proportion. Money is the number one cause of couple conflict, so sit down and talk about it. It may even hit home that YOU are the one being unreasonable.  Sort out your sex life. You may not be able to sustain the passion of your honeymoon period, but if sex seriously starts going downhill, do something to sort it out. Try and figure out what’s making it so boring and have fun trying to put it right.
  1. First and fore-most you need to be honest with yourself.  It is often hard to admit that you are wrong or you really do need to change your way of life.  It takes courage to make changes. YOU NEED WILL POWER.

We only advice: You will know it your own mind all the changes that you need to make, most are common sense.

Yet when I was in trouble far from doing the right things, I got worst drinking more, fast cars to showing off, living on my credit cards, deep in debt, spiraled down soon had all the problems listed.

This is just the first step: We are looking for feedback,

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