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Be ready:
Quote “Practice is the best instruction of all” Time to refresh your memory: Sequence of actions and check list. You can mitigate problems by reviewing you game prior to competitive play.

Check all the fundamentals:
Start with grip and stance, you could go to our web page click on News-letter the Aug issue has tips and illustrations on how to check the basics. We recommend you carry out your visual check in front of a large mirror. Then time to work on your swing: Do NOT swing hard only 80% of your power. The main elements of your swing must be balance and tempo, rhythm. Most of us in our minds eye believe we have the text book swing and that all our basics are correct, you watch your swing on video you may be surprised. It is important to revisit and check your: Grip, Stance, Posture, Address, Take away, Top of back swing, Follow through, and balance. Top pro golfers have experienced coaches who in a very tact-full way tell them when something is not quite right. We need to check. This can be with specialist 3D swing analyzers that some of the large golf stores have, or with the local Pro at your club.

However the simple visual checks that we can ALL make; some are best done in front of a large mirror.

Posture knees bent, hold the club out in front of you and bend forward from the hips the point at which the club come to rest is the position the ball should at address, which of course is different for each club. Your back should be straight. The key element on developing a consistent game is attention to details, for example ball position at address. With the driver it should be in line with your left heel, general rule is: the higher the number on the club the further back in your stance the ball, example with your five iron the ball is in the center of your stance.

We are now just talking you through the key elements of your game, to get your mind set right.

First run through your pre -shot routine: On the tee, select your target on the fairway, which will determine your club selection and where you place your tee, having selected your club will determine the height of your tee (Ball needs to be level with the sweet spot on club) Place the ball on the tee, step back and line the logo on the ball up with the spot you are aiming for, then visualize the shot in your mind, take a nice easy practice swing which needs to be the precisely the way that you intend to play the actual shot, with that swing in mind both tempo and balance step up to address, ball in line with your left foot, stance the width of your shoulders, correct grip V pointing to your right shoulder, knees flexed weight on the balls of your feet, bend fore from the waist your club should come to rest directly behind the ball ( 32” from your toes) Take the club back with your left arm pushing low smooth and slow as it pasts your right foot you should have start your upper body turn, make a full turn, KEEP the left arm straight, when the at the top of your back swing the club must not drop it now should be pointing towards the target, start to turn back with your right hip moving upper body and arms turning, pull down with the straight left arm (Left arm in control DO not allow the strength the your right arm to take over) But club head speed is NOT the answer. Left arm in control with perfect tempo then you will develop the perfect swing natural and smooth, and give you distance, trust your swing, be positive.

Club returns on the same path as your take away, KEEP your head down eyes firmly fixed on the back of the ball until it disappears, hit through the ball keep your arms fully extended right through impact concentrate on a low follow through in line with the target. With timing tempo perfect balance your weight should have transferred from right to left, your upper body fully turned weight on the left foot, buckle on your belt facing to the target. After impact you can watch the ball fly straight to your target.

OK now we have the theory, in our mind and it is all clear?? Yes OK now:

We recommend a minim of two practice rounds, early morning when the course is really quiet, you can then take time, if you duff a shot can drop another ball and try again. Prepare beforehand. Clean your clubs, make sure all the dirt is cleaned out of the grooves on the face of your clubs, they are there for controlling spin. Clean the grips with warm soap and water to remove any grease, select the clubs you need you are only permitted 14 in your bag. Place them all in the bag in the correct order. Check the balls: We play with Pro-V1; you will have your preference. I like the number 3 on the ball. Then NEVER have any problem in identifying my ball. Make sure you have tee pegs selection of sizes. / Pitch repairer / ball marker/ pencil to mark your score card/ towel to clean your clubs and the ball/ if you use an electric golf cart ensure the batteries are charged. Correct code of dress is required important to look and feel the part, check your clothes are ready, shoes clean and the / most clubs will not permit steel spikes, so make sure you have rubber grips in good condition / comfortable soft wool socks/ Correct size glove / if there is a chance of rain take a wet weather glove and umbrella. / Golf cap and sun cream if the sun is shining. Drinks / fruit snack. Car has fuel / you have directions to the course, you have checked you tee time. Plan to arrive at the course in plenty of time. Double check your tee time. Purchase a course planner; note in your mind any special hazards; be aware of wind strength and direction.

Study the course score card so you know the degree of difficulty index for each hole. Plan you strategies.

Coffee and a bacon roll, sit back in the club house relax for 20 minutes, If you still have plenty of time go to the range play three balls with each club DO NOT SWING HARD timing balance. Start with your wedge through to driver, then putting long putts to feel the speed of the greens, place ten balls all-round the hole downhill up hill, finish with a few easy putts to see the ball dropping in the hole gives you confidence. You are now warmed up, muscles relaxed no tension. Golfers with a strong mental game realize that the present is all that they can control. (Forget your bad shot)

Learn to play in the present without dwelling on the bad shots. Realize the power of just being in the moment with the full intention and expectation to play a good shot, once a good player has gone through his pre-shot routine, they address the ball and concentrate for just 10 seconds, even then they never freeze over the ball, they waggle the club which is a signal to the brain, once they start their back swing the brain switched to natural let it happen mode, they depend on muscle memory to produce the natural swing, with the perfect timing balance and club head speed. They have developed every golfers dream a natural swing which they can repeat every time without even thinking.

Golf is a mind game:

Learning to play in the present on instinct requires time and effort.
Each time you stand over a shot you must be confident and positive.
Develop the natural swing, play in the zone, train your mind to play in the present, and learn NEVER to dwell on bad shots.
Play your game, your handicap is calculated to compensate for your limitations, you play to your handicap and you will win.
Your club is an extension of your arms, your grip should not be to tight, no tension in the arms, you will then get invaluable feedback from touch and feel, this WILL increase your awareness, your mind and muscle memory will learn the difference between good and bad shots, allowing you to make the necessary changes or adjustments to improve your consistency. If you do have physical limitations then accept that we cannot all turn like Tiger Woods. Concentrate on balance timing rhythm, and most of all your short game, more shots are dropped on the green than off the tee, you should never three putt.

Above all stay cool do not get angry with yourself or others, play with honor never cheat. HAVE FUN.


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