Golf in your minds eye

Why do you need a coach, you may have read the books watched the videos, in theory you know how it should be done. In you minds eye you will think you are doing every thing by the book.

You go out and play the same game every time; still you take 100+ strokes, why?

Chances are you need a complete review of your game, go back to basics, and check every element of your game, 90% of your game will be OK, 10% you will need to change. Once you have identified the elements of your game that are costing you the most shots, and then step by step you can rectify the problems.

As your personal coach we need to motivate you, in any sport you must have commitment, dedication, we appreciate that we all have limitations. Even the top professionals, when they reach 50 will change and play on senior tour.

That is the reason we invite you to contact us FREE and ask questions tell us about your game, your handicap, or if you are just learning. Send us information about your game, handicap or average number of strokes for 18 holes. Brief detail about your age and fitness levels, we will plan a instruction course designed for your limitations.

When you play well, golf is great fun. Simple goals will improve your game, try to play your next round with out losing a ball, that simple objective will improve you course management, and keep you focused in the zone, plus will save you time money and frustration.

To be fit has incredible benefits, not just in sport but in your life, so yes we will try to encourage you to work on your individual fitness levels.

So please take time to analyze your game, print off lessons 1 to 9. Revise on the theory, and check every detail of your game. Stance, grip, pre-shot routine, there are many elements to check all in the Hand Book of Golf and in the lessons we have posted to date.

This week we are going to have fun. You simulate and visualize how you would play from tee to green.

This time it is all in your minds eye, first opportunity you get go out and try to do it for real.

OK Focus get in the zone you are you are going to play the perfect hole.

It is a lovely day – you have booked an early tee time, when the course is not busy.

Be prepared which includes how to warm up and to get into the correct mind set.

Be ready: Check your golf equipment, and allow plenty of time.

Golf day, you still need a checklist, and to prepared before hand.

Clean your clubs, make sure all the dirt out of the grooves on the face of your clubs, they are there for controlling spin. ( The new 2010 clubs are not quite as good when it comes to spin requires practice due a change in PGA rules related to the groves)

Clean the grips with warm soap and water to remove any grease,

Select the clubs you need you are only permitted 14 in your bag.

Place them all in the bag in the correct order I personally like them in my bag clockwise.

Check that you have golf balls: We play with Pro-V1; you will have your preference.

I like the number 3 and if possible the name of my golf club on the ball. Then NEVER have any problem in identifying my ball.

Make sure you have tee pegs selection of sizes. Pitch repairer, ball marker, pencil to mark your scorecard, towel to clean your clubs and the ball, if you use an electric golf cart ensure the batteries are charged.

Correct code of dress is required at many clubs, check your clothes are ready, shoes clean. Most clubs will not permit steel spikes, so make sure you have rubber grips in good condition , comfortable soft wool socks, correct size glove. If there is a chance of rain, take a wet weather glove and umbrella. Golf cap and sun cream if the sun is shining.

Take drinks and fruit. Make sure the car has fuel, and you have directions to the course, Checked your tee time. Plan to arrive at the course in plenty of time. Double-check your tee time, and who you are playing with. Purchase a course planner; note in your mind any special hazards; be aware of wind strength and direction.

Pay your green fees; check your recorded handicap is correct, be sure you know the competition rules and understand which game you are playing, match play, best ball , stroke play. Study the course scorecard so you know the degree of difficultly index for each hole. Plan you strategies.

Coffee and a bacon roll, sit back in the club house relax for 20 minutes,

If you still have plenty of time go to the range play three balls with each club DO NOT SWING HARD timing balance. Start with your wedge through to driver, then putting long putts to feel the speed of the greens, place ten balls all round the hole down hill up hill, finish with a few easy putts to see the ball dropping in the hole gives you confidence.

Now you are ready to win most important thing to remember is if you are playing with a single handicap player, DO NOT try to play to his level PLAY YOUR OWN GAME. You have the advantage of the handicap play to your handicap and you will win.

We would like you to imagine you are on the first tee, a par 5, index 3. 485 yards. Weather fine and sunny, wind force 10-15. Fairways firm, greens in perfect condition soft and receptive, medium speed.

Pre-shot routine.

Determine your optimum target area, and the correct distance from the tee. Check for hazards, water, bunkers, trees, heavy rough, out of bounds. Wind direction from behind, wind against, swirling.

Is the fairway narrow or wide? Does it dog leg right or left?

Where are the Fairway Bunkers?

Now select the correct club, you should know the distance with your, driver for the average club will be 220 yards, depending on the wind and ball selection.

Between the tee blocks select precisely where to place your tee, it needs to be positioned to give you a direct line to your target.

Your tee MUST to be the correct height, so the ball is level with the sweet spot on your club.

Now step back behind the ball line it up with the target, the logo on the ball can be adjusted like a rifle sight to point to the target.

Step back behind the ball check the target line. Maybe select an old divot a short distance ahead which is in line with your target, aim to hit the ball over this marker. Take a relaxed practice swing.

Step up to the ball. Arms and club stretched out in front of you, slowly bend fore-ward from the hips until the club touches the ground behind the ball. Take your stance the width of your shoulders. Feet aligned slightly left of the target, check your grip, do not grip the club too tight. You are now ready to take the shot.

Take one last look at the target, deep breath relax no tension in the arms, just think rhythm and timing, keep your eyes fixed on the ball. Do NOT freeze over the ball waggle the club, push back low and smooth with the left arm allowing your upper body to starting to turning, DO not sway back, only the upper body turning Think timing (SET IT LOSE MOTHER GOOSE,)

Pull down with the left arm in control keep your head down eye fix on the ball hit right through the ball the club staying low and in line with the target.

Maintain balance, smooth transfer of weight from right to left follow though, DO NOT LOOK UP UNTIL THE BALL HAS GONE.

WOW!!!!! Great shot perfect trajectory straight as and arrow,225 yards on target, dead center of the fairway, now you feel great, no rush stroll down the fair way relax listen to the birds, enjoy the warm sun and cool breeze.

You check the distance to the green distance tee to green is 485 yards your drive is 225 that = 260 to the flag. Still quite a long way plus there are bunkers guarding the green and a water hazard on the left, trees and thick rough on the right. Not the time to attack the green, select to lay up 100 yards from the flag. That gives you a distance of 160 yards to your target area. Select the club you are confident with for 160 yards shot, could be a five wood, or a 4 Iron. Step back and go through your pre-shot routine, wind at 10 mph from the right aim slightly to the right allowing the wind to bring the ball back on line.

Take a practice swing push back low to the ground, take away in line with the target until pasted the outside of your right foot, allow your wrists to cock naturally keep your head still eyes fixed on the back of the ball left arm straight full turn, weight transferring from left to right, DO NOT LEAN your upper body turns square, start your down swing upper turn back pull down with the left arm, club returning on the same line reaching the point of impact exactly the same as it was at address.

With your practice swing check the divot, it should be 90% on the target side of the ball position; your club should not touch the ground before impact with the ball.

To achieve consistent solid contact with the ball you must ensure the ball is in the correct position related to your stance. That applies to all shots.

You need a high level of concentration as you prepare to take your shot. But just for a few seconds.

Do NOT freeze over the ball

When you start your back swing relax and switch into relaxed happy mode try to move with the balance timing and rhythm of a good dancer. One –piece takeaway, push back with your left hand low and smooth in line with the target, turn fully, coil your upper body against the resistance of the lower body, keep the right knee flexed, left arm straight, complete the back swing, make a smooth transition, pull down with the left hand, butt pointing to the ball, open up your hips to the target on the down swing, keep your head still and behind the ball, hit through the ball, rotate your wrists, extend your arms towards the target, good transfer of weight and balance.

Your practice swing ; the club needs to feel just like an extension to your arms, Swing with rhythm- timing.

Throughout the swing your left hand remains in control push back with the left hand pull down with the left hand.

Do not allow your strong right hand to take control if you do you will never keep the ball straight

Club and hands must be taken back smoothly in one piece. Feel the club it is an extension of your arms.

Take the club back smoothly, low and in line with the target until it is past your right foot, then allow to arc up and around your body.

Make a full turn, left shoulder turning underneath your chin, left arm kept straight

With a good shoulder turn your wrists will cock naturally

The club must return on the same line, point of impact being exactly the same as it was that address, head still eyes focused on the ball, hit through the ball in line with the target, your wrists rotating, full follow through.

Your key objective is to maintain perfect balance smooth easy swing the weight transferring on the down swing from right to left, with the rhythm tempo and timing. Objective to allow your upper body to turn, pushing the club back with the left arm low and in line with the target, weight transferring from left to right. DO NOT LEAN TURN SHOULDERS SQUARE, left arm straight a crossed your chest under your chin, allowing the wrists to cock naturally, at full turn your back should be to the target, the head of your club should be pointing to the target, your right thumb on the under side of your grip,

With one smooth movement start your down swing pulling down with the left arm body turning with timing, Do not allow your arms to get ahead of your body, you must return to point of impact exactly the same as you were at address, keep your head still eyes on the ball. Do not look up until after the ball has gone. Hit right through the ball your wrists turn right arm straight, keep the club going straight in line with the target, upper body turning; your belt buckle should now be pointing at the target, with your weight on the left foot.

You now have plenty of time to watch your ball fly high, drifting back in the wind to land spot on target, on the fairway 100 yards from the flag. Now you are really having fun. You WILL be on the green in regulation. (Think positive)

OK 100 yards to the flag, should be a nice easy full swing with your pitching wedge.

Just to recap and refresh your memory here are the basic principles of chip shot and pitch shots.

Club face square – shoulders square

Feet & Hips open (Aiming left)


The narrower the stance

The more ‘open’ the feet & hips aim

The more the weight favors your front foot

The more the shaft leans forward

The more the ball moves back in your stance

The lower down the grip you hold the club


The wider the stance

The less ‘open’ the feet & hips aim

The more the weight ratio becomes even

The less the shaft leans forward

The more centrally the ball is in your stance

The higher up the grip you hold the club

Choke down on the club an inch or two for chips.

Use a narrow, open stance. Open the club-face and keep it square to the target.

Use the same basic swing for a chip and pitch.

For chips, stand tall and raise your hands to get the heel of the club up and the toe down. This promotes crisp shots.

Play ball off right foot, angle shaft toward target, open stance, let shoulders control swing, keep left arm against left side, let club-head swing to left of target after impact. Do not rush the downswing. Make sure the shaft is leaning toward the target at impact. To avoid hitting chips and pitches fat : don’t sole the club at address.

OK for the 100-yards use the basics for the longer shot.

Study the contours of the green, you are going to land the ball close to the flag, in your mind think positive you are going to get the ball straight in the hole, must have positive thinking.

Then you WILL land close to the flag leaving your self a short up hill putt. (Down hill putts are tricky) ok apply the principles for the longer shot, make sure you have set up right and lined up to land in the selected the target area.

Go ahead nice easy swing, keep your head down eye on the ball (Do not look up)

This is truly magic you have landed your ball just 6 feet from the hole, with an up hill putt. On the green in 3 — this is exciting you have a birdie putt. How cool is that.

OK this is an important putt, take your time, you need to determine the correct line and speed.

Check the line and contours of the green.

To prevent misalignment study the green very carefully. Your brain now has many calculations to consider, is the putt up hill, will it turn from right or from the left this depends on the contours of the green at what point will it start to turn, if it turns from right to left — then just how far right must I aim to ensure the ball drops in the hole.

Also consider the distance, length –amount of weight played is often more important than the correct line.

Stand feeling comfortable. Keep your lower body perfectly still NO leg movement.

Short putts do not ground the putter head.

Ensure your club-face is square to the target, the target is not always the hole it is a point on the green where the ball will start to turn, or run away down hill

Head and eyes directly over the ball you MUST keep your head and body perfectly still, NO movement in the legs.

Keep your back swing smooth. Rock the shoulders arms moving in a pendulum like motion.

No wrist action needed for a short putt.

Take the putter back only a short distance and then accelerate towards the ball keeping the putter blade going through smooth and square in line with the target.

DO NOT LIFT your head, on short putts you should hear the ball drop in the hole, not see it. (I have no idea why but if you look up for sure the ball never reaches the hole)

So remember never up never in, do not leave the ball short, and give the ball a chance to drop in the hole.

YES!!!!!!!!!!!YES!!!!!!!!! A birdie on the first hole, it is a great feeling to get a good start. Stay with us we WILL teach you to play great golf.

Do not forget send us your questions tell us you problems let us work together on your game, all we ask is you are give it your best shot and total commitment.

Please send to your friends,

No obligation, they can download the Hand Book of Golf FREE, and have support we give to all our members.

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