Phil Mickelson explains how to play from the bunker

Phil Mickelson explains how to play from the bunker 

I have read all my e-mails, and replied to all the requests for tips and one to one instruction.

One member said that in the last five years we have never given any tips:

1 Design specifically for left-handers.

2 Do not feature videos

3 And in depth instruction how to play from bunkers Bunkers

So we have turned to the best Phil Mickelson, and included the link to his video on U tube this is free NOT a add.


We would like to rate as the best FREE golf page on the internet we already have well over 4000 members worldwide, and amazing feedback.  I NEED MORE interaction; one on one coaching is what makes our web page unique.  I have hundreds of good friends, and proud that we have helped them improve their golf.

Please send the link on to your friends and golfing colleagues: (We are unique the only web page to provide Free coaching. Free books and everything you need to play great golf.

Send out on your Face book and Twitter all the social net- works.

While we offer the service FREE we cannot afford to advertise on Google PPC.

All our tips are Free – we do have a joint venture with the world long drive champion, if you need to take you game to pro-level fast then this is the program for you.

Distance off the tee – That is exciting it feels great to see your ball rocket of the tee on the right trajectory (Flight path – on target and 260 yards) just a short iron from the green. )

Let the world Champion teach you how, we have tested the Eric Jones course on a wide selection golfers who are improving their game at our golf academy, all ages, guys and girls the beginners and good players: The results have been amazing

ADD 50 YARDS to Your Drives? WHO BETTER TO LEARN FROM than a WORLD LONG DRIVE CHAMPION? You CAN Hit It Longer … With Your Driver, And Every Club In Your Bag! When you drive a ball 300 yards + you are a winner every time it is a great feeling.


To the Free Eric Jones Videos you can see here:





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