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Note the level of concentration, thinking above the line and the weight of her putt

Our goal has always been to teach you how to play in the low eighties,  It is a proven fact that even with pro golfers if they are putting well, they are winners shooting low scores NEVER 3 putt.

Another two great tips:



I’ve found that most golfers have trouble with long putts because they don’t let the putter swing freely. They become as ball-bound on putts as they are on their full shots. They are too aware of the stroke, become a 100% conscious of the mechanics. They tend to have a short backswing and they over accelerate through the ball, breeding erratic rhythm and inconsistent results.

One good drill I recommend to improve feel for distance is to look at the hole while you putt. That’s right. Focus your eyes on the target at address and keep them there when hitting the ball. Feel the putter swing back and through like a pendulum, changing direction at the same speed. Practice this on the putting green from about 10 feet and then gradually work back to longer putts. This drill helps you use your eyes better to judge distance and teaches you to trust what you feel.



One way of insuring that you don’t leave a putt short is to visualize a mythical hole about a foot behind the real hole. If you don’t make the putt, it’s a lot better to leave it a foot long than a foot short. I try to set up square to the target, and in my mind I feel that I’m square to the target. But you’ll see here that I’m ever-so-slightly closed. The main thing is that I’m comfortable and have a good look at the path to the hole. Note the target lines on the putter face. They really help in my setup. I line the ball up between the two vertical lines and watch so that the cross line is square to the hole. Then I stroke it firmly into the cup.

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