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Welcome to the Pro Golf Club Blog:  Which does include tips and instruction on every aspect of golf.  ( However it is a blog our web page is the bees knees and far more professional)  From Nov 1 2017 we will use the blog for up to-date reports on the world of golf, ) And to provide the best free tips and advice.  http://www.hightolow.co.uk

If you are a member of the Pro Golf Club, you will know we have a new web
It is all singing all dancing covers every element of golf ALL FREE.
Why are we unique? We have interactive coaching, FREE you send your on line coach details of your game, handicap, how long you have been playing, you current level of fitness.
Your coach will then evaluate the data and prepare a step by step program that will teach you to play great golf.  On the web page you can down load you copy of the:Hand Book Of Golf.  100 pages golf instruction and illustrations  ( Published copy sold over 10,000 copies)   http://www.hightolow.co.uk

We at pro golf club are happy to be of service:
Our surveys’ have indicated the three groups that make up the majority of our members.
1 Beginner: (Basics and Fundamentals of golf) Ensure they get off to the best possible start.
2 Handicap + 100 (Need to revitalize their game) Maybe need to go back to basics?
3 Handicap + 85 (Need to fine tune their game)
4 We have information on every aspect of golf:
4.1 How to have a career in golf,
4.2 Send tweets to all the top players.

May we with respect suggest?
Beginners: All 26 lessons on the web page just click on: Learn to play golf
Handicap +100 from lesson 4 to 26 revitalize their game.
Handicap 85 + Very carefully fine tune their game.
Most of our members will have read the Hand Book of Golf.
If you are new to Pro golf club, you can down load free – Hand Book of Golf
(Published copy has sold over 10,000 copies)
Just go to the web page and click on the Hand Book of Golf FREE down load button.
There is NO obligation: However if you would like to receive top tips from us and world Long Drive Champion we are require by inter-net law to obtain your prior approval.
Please submit your e-mail address on the registration form. Your address would be on a secure server ( A-weber) and you can opt out with just one click any time you wanted to.
E-mail: progolf@hightolow.co.uk

Warm Regards

Ascharapan   – Just one of the Coaches at the High to Low Academy of Golf.

Golf Coach - High to Low Team

Golf Coach – High to Low Team


About Thaigirl

Pro-golf coach teaching golf at resorts world wide. Love travel and golf so I am very lucky to have the perfect job. As a female coach in the High to Low golf academy will be happy to teach beginners how to play golf, or do my best to help you improve your game Ascharapan LPGA ( Free Books and Coaching NO FEES just submit the form)
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