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Great to see Tiger playing good golf up there on the leader board again.

Tiger New High to Low Oct 24

For us mere mortals to have a bad day at golf miss the cut that is life, for Tiger who was the best player in the world it must be devastating.

There can be nothing Tiger does not know about golf, the best coaches in the world can tinker with his game. However the golden rule in golf: when you are about to play your shot there can be NO negative thoughts, you MUST be 100% confident – only positive thoughts. Your mind controls everything we do, it recalls all the hours of practise and the muscle memory ,that gives you a natural smooth swing that you can repeat every time. That is why you need to stay in the zone, know when to concentrate and when to relax. It has been scientifically proven that we have two parts of our brain one for concentration one for happy natural fun and movement: When a pro-golfer is preparing to take his shot he has a high level of concentration for a just few seconds, once he starts his back swing his brain switches to natural free flow muscle memory, in his mind that ball is going to land on target.

Gary Player who is 80 years old and super fit spends hours in the gym every day and still plays great golf, knows that the mind is controls every aspect of life if you can maintain positive confident mind set you will be a winner.

How do you build that level of confidence, one simple fact is if you look good you feel good, how do you look good you eat the right food, spend time excising, never get stressed, enjoy life, laugh and have fun.

In summary:

Has Tiger lost his mojo? Is he trying too hard? does he needs to forget all the high flying coaches spend time on doing what makes him happy? Allow his mind to analyse his life take the right decisions for him and then his incredible natural talent will return his confidence will build and we will see the Tiger we loved to watch, his controlled play for the first two days, then on the final day if required his exciting attack play.

Moral to this story control your mind and you control your game, never have negative thoughts , when you are setting up to play – pre-shot routine – course management – correct club – all the fundamentals right – stance- posture- grip- balance- timing –tempo – rhythm.

Concentrate one last look at the target, start your back swing wide, on the down swing keep it narrow, hit through the ball.

It has been a long time since we heard from you. You still have your very own golf coach free:

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You will know your game tell us what elements of your game that are costing you the most shots.

You can send a video of your swing – we will evaluate and give you our advice.

If you are already playing below a 14 handicap – take care do not try to introduce major changes to you game it will only need fine-tuning – and the correct mind set and soon you will be playing single handicap.


How to save shot never three putt – This a long putt, you need to just make contact with the ball when your putter head is slightly rising this creates roll which in turn keeps your ball on line


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