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This is great advice, to keep in mind as we get older. 

This is great advice, to keep in mind as we get older.   Please take a few minutes to read this page could be a very special day in your life,  It is FREE and no it is not to good to be true.  It has worked for me. You can be super fit well into your eighties live to a 100+ . What is better than winning the lottery ? an extra 25 years of quality life:  I can not give you a winning lottery ticket, but can I give you the secrets to a long life.   

The bad news is time flies, the good news is you are the pilot. ( Take control)   The following quote is to outline the philosophy, mind set.  Read on for the answers on how to achieve longevity.     
Quote “Stephen Moss – The Guardian. If you think of yourself as old, you will be old. The media will bang on about dementia and loneliness but ignore them. Concentrate on the upside.Take yourself out of your comfort zone. Resist being pigeonholed; keep experimenting; challenge yourself and society’s stereotyping of you. Try to stay healthy. Eat well and take lots of exercises – it’s good for the brain and body. Exercise doesn’t have to mean playing competitive ice hockey; the odd brisk walk will keep you in shape. (For me it is: Playing golf, Motor Cross, High-speed cars, motor GP, SEX.)  Look for positive role models. 
 Seek to become the person you always wanted to be. One reason many people are at their happiest in their 60s is that they feel freer and less beholden to others. They contain all their previous selves and can start to make sense of them.
Don’t just maintain social connections with your own age group: mix across the generations as much as you can. Inter-generational contact has become increasingly difficult, but if we can do it we benefit – and social benefits.
Be willing to let stuff go. If that friendship isn’t working, drop it. Streamline your life. There is less time left, so make it count.
 Ageing should be a process of opening rather than closing doors. “We will lose some things – speed, stamina, a bit of mental agility – but in many other respects we gain, We learn new skills, have greater social awareness, are likely to be more altruistic, are “lighter” in our approach to life – because we are less hung up on creating a good impression – and can see the bigger picture. It may be that we are in a position to make a greater contribution to society in our sixties and seventies  than in our so-called prime.
Honesty is the best policy. Don’t try to pretend you are not 75 or 85 or whatever age you are. “As soon as we start lying about our age, we’re giving the number a terrible power – a power it doesn’t deserve, People do it because there are so many ageist assumptions attached to age, but the way to fight back is to subvert those assumptions.
Society tells us that sex, love and romance belong to the young, but it’s not true. Plenty of older people continue to experience the joy of sex. But there are no rules: have as much – or as little – as you want. Some older people see it as a blessed release to escape the shackles of falling in love (and lust), but others can’t imagine life without it. Whatever turns you on.
 Ignore people who say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. You can. Despite the common perception that creativity is the preserve of the young, we can get more creative as we get older. Our neural networks loosen up and we have the confidence and freedom to challenge group thinking. When time is running out, it becomes more precious. It gives life shape and, in some ways, meaning.” Don’t dwell morbidly on it, but don’t shy away from it either. The closer you get to it, the less you are likely to fear it and the greater your focus will be on the things that really matter.” End of quote. 
I personally believe that the quote above, is relevant to my life, I go to work because I actual enjoy work, (Project manager at Rolls Royce Bristol)   My track record is on Linkedin.   Traveled the world, working playing golf earning big money, life s good.  
Quotes that help mind set:    Our minds control every thing we do, always be positive, this gives confidence and believe.   
Your body can do almost anything it is your mind you need to convince.  
A negative mind will NEVER give you a positive life 
The bad news is time flies, the good news is you are the pilot.   ( Take control) 
A good laugh and a long sleep are the two best cures for anything. 
Experience is the hardest kind of teacher, it gives you the test first and the lessons afterwards.  (Ask me I can give you the answers first) 
No regrets in life just lessons learnt.       (You can learn from my experience)    
You will never change your life until you change some thing you do daily. The secret of your success is found in your daily routine.  
If you are offered an amazing opportunity and are not sure you an do it, say  yes then learn how to later. 
Secret to Longevity, vitality, life transformation. I truly believe there are key elements of my life which have had a major impact on my quality of life and longevity, I have written a comprehensive synopsis. You may conclude that it is good fortune or luck that at the age of 83: I am super fit, in perfect health, enjoy life to the full. 
For me, there was an element of luck, as your golf coach and mentor, I could share my life experiences.  Teach you how to play single handicap golf – go round in fewer shots than your age. ( Age 83 go round from the competition tees in 76 shots)       
Yes, I am the senior coach, both in age and experience. Ascharapan is the coach for the ladies and younger players. Also, I am the life coach, mentor.   They say you cannot put an old head on a young person, that is true. However, you can learn from a wise elderly person who has a worldwide wealth of experience.  Most top sports personalities have a coach – mentor – psychologist – motivator because to be a winner in sport or life you need the correct mindset and confidence.   I could be your mentor – there to advise on any subject – not just golf, everything you need to know for long and happy life.   Longevity an extra 20 years of quality life can be yours.  You can extend your life way beyond what most of us have accepted as our biological age limit, even up to 120 years. But the real question is, can we have not only have a long life but also a fulfilling one? My answer is a resounding yes, and it starts with the power of choice, a practice of self-reliance, and most importantly, a greater sense of purpose, self believe, logic and common sense.   There are the elite few who are born with talent. Sport, Music, Actors, those born to be academic – professors.   They do have a head start on us mere mortals. They have skill and talent we will never have. Born in 1936 lived in London (War, Air Raids, Father in the RAF, mother run away to Canada) I was evacuated to South Wales.   Started work at 15 Apprentice Electrician, worked my way through the ranks up to Vice President CNT Asia: I have worked all over the world, studied many cultures.80 years of experience many mistakes along the way, not good to learn the hard way. Two men changed my life, one a medical consultant in the UK and a Thai Monk in a Temple in Chiang-Mai pasted their wisdom on how to achieve a long and happy life. It has worked for me I am very happy and super fit. ( For my age)  Golf has been my lifelong passion. Success and happiness my goal: Did not truly achieve this until late in life. No one has a magic formula that can transform your life overnight, 
Life has qualified me to offer advice: (As a wise old man  – wisdom )Learn from my world wide experience,  You will have your very own life coach, mentor, guru, and friend.  

Before I can give an answer there, needs to be a question? Young or old ,male or female e-mail me with your questions, no grantee I will have all the answers however I promise to give an honest reply,  Everything in complete confidence. Wide spectrum.  Just a sample of questions you could ask.  Should I take a job offshore. Take a gap year -travel the world. Could I be a pro-golfer?  University or Apprentice   We are not all born to be academics,  what is the correct career path for you ?  How can I earn big money?   Work offshore – Expat – Tax free Salary   Get my own apartment.  Buy my own house.Prepare for an interview Ask for an increase in salary Get out of debt, have wealth and health.   Positive thinking, confidence, self believe, There are thousands of questions.   You ask the ones that are important to you. 
University degree , that is great,  however in the job market you need the edge on all the other graduates,  for example could you prepare a tender / quotation? An engineer with estimating skills – that gives you the advantage.   I can teach you how to prepare a tender,   teach you how to place sub contract orders, better buy, value engineering, procurement , on your CV this rates as experience.  At an interview it gives you confidence.    
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