Health / Wealth / and happiness.

Written by our senior golf coach, and sports mentor / motivator.

  1. One written to improve your life and provide you with the secret to Health / Wealth / and happiness.   
  2. The second written to provide you with the knowledge of how I have achieved longevity. 

They are both designed to be interactive and tailored to improve your life beyond your wildest dreams NO MATTER what your age.  It has worked for me and is still working for me at the age of eighty three.  Please do not worry you will not suddenly be presented with ORDER NOW the following advice is ALL FREE

You simply need to think: We who live in the America / Europe / UK are fortunate to live in an era of opportunity.  ( Please read on it will be the best advice you have ever had, because we refer to facts based on twenty five year olds, is because that is the way the surveys were carried out.

This report: Is designed to be interactive and tailored to improve your life beyond your wildest dreams NO MATTER what your age.  It has worked for me and is still working for me at the age of eighty-three.  

Yet statistics show that men aged twenty five:  Both academics and tradesmen firmly believed they would live life in the fast lane, and by the time they are sixty five they will successful healthy and wealthy.

 The facts are surprising:

  1. Just one will be wealthy,
  2. Fourteen upper middle class and financially independent,
  3. Ten will still be working,
  4. Seven will have died,
  5. Thirty two will be struggling on a small pension,
  6. Forty will be stone broke living below the bread line.

So what happen to these twenty five year old men with bright eyes and bushy tails , and their dreams of the success they truly believed they would achieve?

Define success:

 Progressive realization of a worthy ideal and a set of predetermined goals if a man is working towards these goals the chances are he or she will be a success, if NOT he or she will be a failure.  To work towards your ideals and dreams takes courage:

First you need to opt out of conformity. 

Stop acting like everyone else without knowing where you are going.

We asked a hundred guys and girls why you go to work every day.” To earn a living”

What is your career path 94% had no idea. They were conforming (That’s what everyone does)

We now have more academics than we have placements for: Thousands of graduates with law degrees, who complete seven years in university, only to find that they can NOT find a position in a law firm because they have NO experience. They are forced to work for these law firms for NO salary just to say they have some experience.   They are in debt with student loans.

Was the law degree what they wanted or what their parents wanted?   

We advocate get the best education you can, however it needs to form the basis of what you want to do. 

Everything we do in life is controlled by our mind.  With the correct mind set and realistic predetermined progressive step by step goals we can achieve, happiness, health, and wealth.      

Success is being in control of your life, above all being happy doing a job YOU decided you wanted to do.  (We have a close friend who was a doctor that a hospital in Bangkok, he took a brave decision the went to the USA and took the  course as a profession PGA golf coach, he teaches golf in Thailand and spends every day doing what he loves)

Some work hard all their lives and never get anywhere, living from week to week struggling for money to pay the bills. While others coast along with a smile on top of the world everything going their way. It is often said they have the touch of gold.  When someone is a success they more often than not continue to be successful. (The old saying money makes money is true)

If someone is failing they often spiral down and continue to fail time after time.  Why? They quite simply do not have set goals they have no idea where they are going.

Richard Branson had goals and continues to set his sights higher and higher with new goals even going in to space travel now that is living the dream.

The morale to that story if you have goals and the correct positive belief and mind set you will succeed.

If you decide to work with me as your mentor:  I promise you your life will never be the same again.  We are not just talking about wealth.  We are talking a life changing experience something far more important than material things.

  • We are talking about the ultimate goal longevity.
  • Thirty years of quality live – YES thirty year past normal life expectancy.  

How can I say that? Well what I can promise you is:  I will teach you all the things that have worked and are still working for me for me.  With the benefit of hindsight will high-light the many mistakes I have made in my life. 

Seventy nine now super fit and WILL be there for the special 100 year message from the Queen – she is still going well maybe she already knows my secrets.

(I will tell you more about that later)

 We should continue with this important recommendation for changing you current mind set.

If you follow what I am going to tell you your life will never be the same again.

This is not really a secret, Philosopher’s, Roman Emperors; wise men from all domination’s worldwide have known this this for hundreds of years.  That our mind controls everything we do.

We mere mortals have no comprehension of what our mind is capable of, we only ever use a small percentage of it incredible capacity.    

Right now you can start to change your life by altering your attitude of mind.

Example: If you think what you are reading is rubbish then that is negative thinking, if you are not prepare to change that to positive thinking then you will fail.

  1. If you can believe then all things are possible to those who believe develop and POSITIVE mind set.
  2. The person who has no goals, does not know where they are going will become nothing.
  3. Your mind accepts what you plant – plant success  and it will response and give you success
  4. What you think will happen: You must be positive NEVER negative.
  5. Your mind can do ANYTHING you assign it. Believe.  YOU CAN DO THIS. 

Set your goals – this is the things you desire most in life;

  1. Academic qualification’s –
  2. Play great golf
  3. Be amazing lover
  4. Be sports person and athlete, footballer  ( This does depend on natural talent)
  5. Be the best at what you do.
  6. Be happy – bring happiness to others.
  7. Be an artist, actor, or a comedian.

You will have your own dreams make those dreams your goals.

Please as your mentor even I have reached a point in life where I have to say with the realms of physical possibilities.

If you are young and super fit, maybe one of the lucky few born with natural talent then the sky the limit.

As you mentor you will note from earlier that I did muddle along for forty years with or any success or claim to fame.  These early years do form part of my vast experiences and will benefit you to learn from the benefit of my hind sight and the many mistakes I made. (I was a clown)

What is the Golden Rule?  We must be positive and control and use our minds.      

Learn to di this over the next four weeks and your life will change beyond all believe, you will start to life your dreams. Yes it has to be steady and progressive; you will achieve nothing without effort.

I cannot at this point pretend to know or understand your life or thinking.

But this is designed as an interactive course I will be there as your mentor every step of the way.

If the complexity of the problem is outside my expertise I would immediately hold my hand up a say this is something that needs to go to another level.

I promise I will use the full benefit of my expertise, hindsight, apply common sense and logic, as always I will be in your corner.

Objectives for the next four weeks

  • You must concentrate on your goal every day
  • Action ideas mean nothing without action
  • Each of us want something, that’s your goal
  • Write down your goal – best to start with a single goal
  • Develop a complete new mind set, only positive thoughts. 

 From today on you are going to do your job and work towards your goal as never before.

You are going to jump out of bed bright eyed and bushy tailed and be smiling and cheerful all day.

Above have you goal know where you are going what you are going to achieve and the wonderful benefits that will be your reward.

If you do decide to opt in NO Obligation if for any reason you thought this is not for me you can opt back out with just one click. 

Once you are a member we can communicate. 

We are members of the data protection act, we have a secure server. Your information is 100% secure and will never be seen or revealed to anyone.

You send me an e-mail: Keep it concise with details of:

Just outline, your present status, your goals, your dreams.  And together we will develop a plan.

It maybe that the aforementioned information will inspire you to set goals and to change your mind set, to full time positive attitude of mind. 

There will be a limited number of member’s that I can mentor at any given time, but if you would like my undivided support and motivation  as your personal mentor ,  we could agree how much time it would take.   E-mail me and as I said before I would give you an honest answer  as to what we could achieve working together.

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