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Have you ever seen a shortstop make a throw as he’s falling down and

Still get the runner out? Or a top cricket play throw the ball in from the Outfield, ever see a basketball player make a shot as he’s being Pushed out of bounds?

When athletes make these plays they usually wind up as a Highlight on Sports- Centre.


Because it’s SO MUCH HARDER to make a good athletic play

When you are out of balance. We all know this and respond with roars of approval when a great athlete pulls it off.

Which leads to this opposite corollary: It is SO much Easier to make consistently good plays when you are


In every sport there is “ready” position. A position that

puts you in the most athletically prepared stance for that

sport. Baseball infielders know this. Defenders in basketball

know this. Knees slightly bent, weight over the balls of the

feet. Ready to pounce. But IN BALANCE.

It is the same for golf!

If you are not in your most balanced, athletic and ready position before you swing, you will not hit long drives CONSISTENTLY. It just cannot be done.


If you don’t know what athletic balance is in golf I have a simple way for you find out. This little balance check will help you determine if you are in balance



Very very simple and easy to do, yet so profound and important.

1. Address the ball

2. Lift your club off the ground a couple of inches

3. See if you can lift the toes of one foot, then the other off the ground, back and forth, comfortably. BUT NOT THE TOES OF BOTH FEET AT THE SAME TIME.

If you cannot lift your toes like this, one at a time, you are leaning too far forward.

VERY common mistake.

If you can lift them BOTH AT THE SAME TIME, you are leaning too far back.

In order for you to have Happy Toes – toes that you can tap one at a time – you have to centre your weight over the middle of your feet. Too far forward and you can’t lift your toes. Too far back and your weight is over your heels.

When your weight is over the middle of your feet you’ll be in athletic balance and you’ll be able to use the power in your legs to generate more power, faster rotation, and more club head speed.

Sounds simple, but 90% of all golfers get this wrong. So, remember “Happy Toes = Long Drives” and stay in athletic balance.

If you’d like to see a short video demonstration of

“Happy Toes” take a look at this web page. World Long Drive Champion Eric Jones put together a comprehensive program to teach golfers the secrets to more distance. The Happy Toes video is in the middle of the page.

We at pro golf club carried out a review of  5 keys to distance. The version we tested is a Downloadable pdf e-book with videos. ( From the World Long Drive Champion Eric Jones)

The 5 Keys to distance is a comprehensive swing instruction program that teaches golfers how to add distance and consistency to their golf shots

The program indentifies the 5 key aspects of the golf swing that contribute to distance.  It goes on to explain how golfers can integrate the five key distanceaspects into their own swing, and it includes specific drills and exercises to use

For each of the five key swing concepts. That mean golfers will learn what to do, Why it works, and how to do it. Unlike many golf swing training programs The 5 Keys To Distance focuses on concepts, not methodology. For instance, you’ll learn about how important balance is in the golf swing, not just for distance but for consistency too. More specifically, you’ll learn what Athletic Balance is, and why 90% of golfers get this wrong without even realizing it! Most golfers will see an immediate improvement in not just their distance but their ball-striking and consistency once they understand the basic idea of athletic balance. And since athletic balance can be mastered in as little as one to five trips to the range, that translates to lower scores and more fun on the golf course right away. This concept alone will make the program’s price – which is about half the cost of a golf lesson – worth it for most golfers. But of course there is a lot more in the program.

The essence of the 5 key distance swing concepts can be remembered by the appropriate acronym “B.L.A.S.T.” BLAST stand for

B = Balance

L = Leverage

A = Arc

S = Speed

T = Target

The book goes into considerable depth on each of these distance concepts, and they are the core of the distance program. What’s great, though, is that despite the level of detail on each subject area the book is easy to read and comprehend. When I finished reading The 5 Keys To Distance I understood my golf swing in a whole new way, like a light bulb going on. I no longer see my golf swing as a series of parts, but rather as a whole, and it was clear how all the parts fit together. That’s a big confidence booster.

Golfers should be aware, however, that The 5 Keys To Distance is not written for the beginning golfer. The program assumes the golfer already has a certain skill level and wants to improve from where they currently are. Intermediate to advanced players, however, will find the book a gold mine.

That’s because the author, Eric Jones, is an expert when it comes to distance. Jones is a PGA professional who also holds a Masters degree in Sport Psychology. He played college golf at Stanford University, and was a coach there as well. What’s amazing, though, is that for an average-sized guy he figured out how to increase his swing speed to more than 140 mph and won the World Long Drive Championship. He went on to be the LDA Tour Rookie of the Year, and has qualified for the World Long Drive Championship Finals 8 consecutive years. Today he trains long drivers from all over the world, and he’s put everything from his training system into this program.

Another word of warning, however: The 5 Keys to Distance will take some work! If you are expecting to read about something and instantly have it work for you, this program is not for you. You’ll need to put in some time practicing.

The good news, however, is that Jones used his sport psychology training to adapt training methods used by our Olympic athletes to learning about golf, and he’s isolated specific drills to speed up the learning process. If you use these practice methods you can learn up to ten times faster than conventional approaches to the golf swing.

There’s a lot more to the book than can be described here, like the importance of pre-shot routines and post-shot routines, taking it from the driving range to the golf course, and suggestions for improving play in all areas. But it is all high-value and high-quality.

In summary, The 5 Keys to Distance is one of the most comprehensive and practical guides to getting the most out of your golf game. It’s written by one of the world’s best long drivers, yet it’s easy to read and comprehend. This is a practical, step-by-step way for golfers to improve their distance and their consistency and, ultimately, their scores.  To see the videos go to this page.


If you need support with any aspects of your game please contact your coach it is ALL free, how cool is that your very own golf coach.


Click here for to see the FREE videos.

We do have a joint venture in Eric Jones – Why?  He is the World Long Drive Champion who better to teach you and us how to drive long and straight, you must agree when your see your ball fly on the correct trajectory right on target and over 300 yards, that is a great feeling.

You walk down the fairway, full of confidence, you can relax listen to the birds sing, your ball sitting there just a short iron from the green.   (Yes let the others play first – they are 50 yards behind your ball)

Try not to be too smug, and when you do take your shot , re-focus go through your pre shot routine, be positive, play to land you ball close, but study the contours of the green, and select to leave a short uphill putt.    One putt -never up never in do not leave putts short.

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Junior golf is the fastest grown sport in the world, it teaches far more that golf it teach the meaning of honour, it is a lesson that they take into life, work hard play hard but NEVER cheat.

Teach your children or grand children to play; it gives them another career option, they could play on the tours, or be a coach at the local golf club –be a golf club manager

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