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Lesson 26 Golf: The Best of the Best

  Lesson 26 Best of the Best.   Please take time Every thing you need to know about golf is here, just a click away.  Plus it is ALL FREE.  THIS REALLY IS A  UNIQUE  Site We really do provide a … Continue reading

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Lesson 24 Funny laws of golf,

Lesson 24 We start with a little bit of fun, strange as it may seem most are true. The laws of golf LAW 1: No matter how bad your last shot was, the worst is yet to come. This law … Continue reading

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Lesson 22 Golf Revision

Lesson 22 We have reviewed all the questions from members and coaches. If you are really serious about improving your golf then you need to study the lessons, and start meaningful practice. Our service is unique, and it is free … Continue reading

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Lesson 21 Golf instruction shot by shot, how to win.

Lesson 21 Instruction shot by shot: Whether you’re playing in a company golf day or 18 holes at a top golf resort, you need to have a check list, and to be prepared beforehand. Clean your clubs, make sure all … Continue reading

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Lesson 20 Special PGA Golf Rules.

Lesson 20  PGA Rules of Golf: As with all games you must first know the rules, and then play by them. In golf it will often save you a stroke or two, just by knowing the rules. You always start … Continue reading

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Lesson 19 Transition, golf swing, more distance,

Lesson 19 Transition, the ultimate golf swing.  ( Plus the new feature by the Long Drive Champion of the world )  Pure Magic – quite simply the BEST,   Drive long and straight. 300 yards + on target YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you can … Continue reading

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Lesson 18 Advance golf: Fade,draw,Back spin, and more

Lesson 18: Fade, draw, back spin, This lesson has been written in response to members’ questions relating to elements of their game that cost them shots. You may find that certain sections of this lesson have been covered in previous … Continue reading

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Lesson 17 Chipping,Pitching,Bump and run, key to good golf

LESSON 17 The three important elements in the game of golf:  All the low handicap golfers practise their shot game to develop that soft hands touch, that gives them the ability to land the ball close to the flag every … Continue reading

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Lesson 16 How to cure a slice,hook,shank, and not looking up

LESSON 16 : Slice, Shank, Hook, Looking up, winning: Providing you have been taking the time to study the lessons the problems like shank, slice, hook, should not be part of your game, however most of the questions we are … Continue reading

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Lesson 14 Golf Techniques that save shots

LESSON 14 Golf Techniques that save shots. Plus a Very Special Feature We are now at the half way stage of the course, it now starts to get into more detail, and we have done the basics and gone over … Continue reading

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