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We teach golf in the traditional way, with the correct mechanics, and the key objective will be to teach you how to develop a natural swing that you can repeat every time.

NOW*** We are really lucky we have an incredible system: Free Videos From:

Eric Jones the World Distance Champion, All our Coaches are well impressed.

All our instructions are  FREE and detailed in simple to follow text and illustrations in the Hand book of Golf, This, together with the 26 FREE lessons, will save you shots immediately and each week you will lower your scores until you are playing in the low eighties.

The Hand Book of Golf is written for beginners and high handicap players, if you are already a good player, 18 handicap or below then your own on-line coach will fine tune your game to save shots.

Be the envy of all your friends and colleagues, win the club and company competitions. If you are just starting to learn or are a high handicap player then you can expect to save 10 shots FAST and EASY next time you play.

If you have been playing for years and still can not break 90 your coach will teach you the correct mechanics, step by step. Review the key elements of golf: Timing, Rhythm, Balance, and Tempo.

Golf is a mind game. We can transform your game. If you tell your coach your handicap and the elements of your game that are costing you shots, the coach will set the course you need to improve your game.

From the lessons you can print the instructions and then take them to the range, for really meaningful practice. If you are already a good player your coach will work with you on a one to one basis to fine-tune your game. You will be amazed how a few adjustments to your swing or set up will immediately improve your game.

There are other advantages, when you are a member, we can send you news letters with  all the top tips.

We notice that when in the gym training you will see the guys and girl making reference to their training program on their I-Phones and Blackberry phones they can keep a record of their progress, set new goals, plan their complete training schedule.

Now there is no reason why when you are playing a practise round or on the driving range  you can reference the information you need. Play the to perfect shot every time.

You can record the distance you play with each club,  correct any swing problems you are having, check the reason for a hook or slice and make the correct adjustment to your grip. stance, swing, club.  You will have you your own personal golf training program.

Just an idea, you can print your pdf version of Hand book of Golf and put in in a filo fax folder for easy reference

Special Feature:  We say there is no magic formula by this is as close as it gets, ALL our coaches were impressed. It is quite simply the BEST.

Free Distance Course by: Eric Jones the World Long Drive Champion
Eric has put together a 5-part training course focused on distance. It’s based on the same key swing concepts found in The 5 Keys to Distance, and uses a few of the same drills.
Try these drills FREE and you will hit the ball longer and more consistently if you are a average golfer with the full video training course you will drive up much longer and on target) When you add 50 yards + to your drives and more distance on all your long shots from the fairway, it will transform you complete game. You lower your handicap and start winning your club competitions and how good will it feel when you win the longest drive. With a world long drive champion prepared to share his secrets with you it will be a distinct possibility not just a dream.

Submit the form on the bottom of this page and in your welcome message you will receive two links. One link for your FREE Hand Book of Golf – the Second from Eric Jones the Long Drive World Champion.

When you sign up to our pro-golf club you will we provide our unique FREE service, you will a full member and that entitles you to your FREE Hand Book of Golf, 26 Free on-line Lessons, 20 To golf tips, and what make us truly unique we give you your own on-line coach who will teach you golf step by step, answer ALL your questions, monitor your progress and teach you how to play great golf.

Because we are joint venture with Eric Jones you will need to enter your e-mail and name to create their your membership account and password for the 5 Keys to distance (Videos)

The membership for the course is free and always will be.

We would like you to tell you friends and colleagues about all the Freebies the Lessons and the Hand Book of Golf Plus you own on line golf coach (That is well cool) Please send them the links and certainly no hard sells on anything. Maybe also send it to ALL your friends on social net works like Twitter, Facebook, My Space, every one like to know about Freebies.

Also Junior Golf is the fastest growing sport in the world.  Teach your children or grand children to play we will support you every step of the way.

Even consider golf as a career, there are many opportunities in golf.

All the Top golfers are millionaires.

You can e-mail us: with your questions one of the team will be appointed as your personal coach. Dedicated teaching you how to play great golf. (FREE)

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